Worth it?

Last week I came down with a stomach bug. It lasted a long and frustrating 4 days. 4 days where anything I ate meant cramps and bloating and discomfort.

It was also 4 days that I persevered with work although I was starving much of the time and trying to contemplate if it was worth eating my lunch or not.

The plus side of all this is that I lost 1.1KG (2.4LBS) in those 4 days. It actually gave me a little bit of motivation to continue with my weight loss. Yes, I know that is weird. Yes, I should have been more focussed on my health than the weight loss and really, while I was sick, I was.

Have you ever heard someone mention the weight they lost from being sick? Every time I see someone say this the reply is usually “if only I could be sick” and the person says it isn’t worth it and everyone rolls there eyes because as if it isn’t worth it!

But now, that I have been in the situation, I’m not sure… could they be telling the truth?? *gasp* Would I have been better off not losing the weight and hoofing down anything and everything I could get my hands on? Maybe not. Seriously, I don’t know. This has encouraged me to keep going and for the first week in a long time I’ve managed to lose some weight. The sickness was a little kick start I needed.

If only the sickness could have occurred without, well, the sickness. Yes, this is me wishing for some miracle weight loss cure. Just like every other overweight person in the world who can’t stop binging on the chocolate.

Hard work it is I suppose. What do the normal people do to keep motivated in times like this (by which I mean, easter).?


Why is it that when we’re young, all we want is to be older and yet when as we grow up all we want is to be young again?

Is there ever a time in our lives where we think ‘Yep, I’m happy to be here, this right here is a good age’? And then again, what does a number matter anyway?

Well, I say that but my next paragraph is about an older woman I saw today while on the bus (I caught 4 buses today! The first time in a long time. I forgot what people watching was like). She would have been in her 60’s I’d say, she had cropped grey hair and was quite slim. All quite natural for someone of that age. That is where the ‘natural’ ends though.
This woman was wearing skin tight jeanstyle-printed leggings (does that make sense? Basically, it was a pair of leggings made to look like jeans), a pair of black heels, a super-tight blue singlet, under which you could see her bright red bra peeking out. All in all, trash.

I looked at her and couldn’t help but sneer. I wanted to yell at her to grow the hell up and stop wearing her grandkids clothes! Although, I did think it was nice that she didn’t dye her hair.

Why is it that we do this? Why do we feel the need to make ourselves appear younger as we get older? Why can we grow old gracefully anymore? Possibly, because we’re living longer, maybe that woman still felt like she was young.

The same deal goes with young kids I guess. Why do little girls feel the need to wear miniskirts and heels? Why are tiny g-strings now for sale (and who would buy them for their kids)?

Perhaps, we all want to be teenagers, and yet teenagers generally don’t like being teenagers! What is the world to do? I wonder if there will be a time when we won’t age, physically anyway. Will a drug be released that will keep us looking young forever? Maybe one day there will be an actual Fountain of Youth.

Wouldn’t that be confusing though? You see a nice looking person walking down the street and wonder if you should ask them out and then find out they’re as old as your grandma! ๐Ÿ™‚