Month: December 2012

  • … and then I was finished with The Boy Who Lived

    … Or, the story of how Slytherin got screwed over every. Damn. Time. If you have been keeping up with my goodreads account ( you will have noticed I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series, for a really, really, long time. This post may contain spoilers but as I am possibly the only person in […]

  • 12.12.12

    Yesterday I took part in a fun Instagram tag project: #12on121212. The idea was that you take 12 photos throughout the day with a timestamp to see how many minutes of the day could be captured between everyone. I’m pretty pleased with the photos I took, even if some of them are a bit of  filler and […]

  • Moving toward debt free

    At the beginning of this year I didn’t take much responsibility for the money I had or where it was going. I would put the bare minimum on my debts and spend the rest on things that didn’t matter. I never had a lot of money and just figured that is how life was, struggling […]