The return of Parent Logic

Recently I moved in with my Mum, it seemed like the best idea for me and my finances at the time. Especially since she offered to let me live there rent free. Bonus right? Not so much, it only took 6 weeks to get the “you’re living under my roof, rent free” spiel because I was spending too much time watching TV, my TV, not hers or ours but mine.

And so began my re-acquaintance with the dreaded Parent Logic.

The most recent occurrence of this was earlier in the week when, while at work, I received an email from my Mum about a household chores roster. I thought it was strange because she hadn’t mentioned anything to me when I saw her earlier that morning but sure, whatever. It turns out she was very disappointed that when she went to the toilet that morning there was an empty toilet roll on the holder. The sentence ended in:

“This situation cannot continue!”

So yes, we now have a household chore roster, that she is going to write up (just so we both understand our obligations) because I left an empty toilet roll on the holder, once.

I don’t understand this! Obviously, this isn’t a one off occurrence and it seems like every child in the history of the world has experienced something similar. What is it that happens between being one of the children thinking their parent has gone insane to becoming a parent themselves and doing the exact same things?

No, I’m not a parent and honestly,  these types of incidents are just batshit crazy to me. I can’t imagine myself doing it, although I assume every non parent thinks that, until it happens. I really feel like I’ve dodged some sort of stupidity inducing bullet by not wanting kids.

I’m hoping someone out there will enlighten me as to why Parent Logic occurs and if you’re someone that is guilty of doing it yourself, what were you thinking when those words that made no sense came out of your mouth?