A Day in the Life: March 2014

I decided to do this a day late this time so.. yeah, I should just do that from now on.  I didn’t take too many pictures but mostly because I was at work all day and that’s kind of boring.

For those that don’t know, this is part of Manda’s A Day in the Life link up. My previous entries can be found here.

Today, my alarm was set for 7:40 but Jarrod had to get up early so, although it was set for that time, I didn’t need it. I mostly just lounged around in bed until then anyway because why not? Usually I leave before or at the same time as Jarrod so it felt weird to be leaving after him. I felt like  I was going to work super late even though it was just a 9 o’clock start.

I walked to work and got there a few minutes early, there were 12 calls in queue which, unfortunately at the moment is pretty usual. I was told there was an outage happening though and that was the reason. That outage  became 50 in the queue and everyone was on phones trying to get through them. A change had been made the night before that was all approved apparently, I guess none of us got that memo.

After that though the day was mostly normal, monitor queues, help people out, do team leadery things. 

At lunch I met up with Jarrod so I could go spend a bunch of money on a bank cheque for the stamp duty on our new home! –  I haven’t mentioned that on the internet much yet, that will be later. – I came out of the bank with a cheque for a bunch of money and we went on our way, which included a stop off at McDonalds on the way back for a Chocolate Frappe, mmmm!

I went back to work and did work things and didn’t have  much motivation to do the boring things I had set for myself for the afternoon.

Next thing I know,  one of the guys in my team walked by and I thought he was listening to music (he had his phone and earphones), turns out he was on handsfree on his phone with his girlfriend and she had just told him that his dog had died, a snake had bitten him.  None of us knew what the hell was going on but it was sort of like in the movies/on TV when someone gets bad news and they fall to floor and cry and we really didn’t know what to do. As the boss I figured I should probably do something but, although I am a manager of people, I’m not very good at dealing with crying, sad people and I think I did the worst job ever. What do you say to someone who has just lost a pet they consider like a child? “That sucks bro”?

 So, I spent the rest of the afternoon mostly just waiting for work to end while feeling sorry for that guy and feeling like a pretty crap team leader. It was a good afternoon.

Needless to say, when I got home and Jarrod said we should get some sort of takeaway for dinner I didn’t really need to be persuaded much. We decided on a new Turkish place called Alara’s, who I would link if their website was up. Does anyone else find it super frustrating when restaurants don’t have websites? Alara’s opened up a week or so ago so we decided to support this new business and bought a pide and a couple of pieces of baklava. We wondered if we might still be hungry after the pizza. We were wrong. It was quite big for the price ($16) and quite tasty.

Mix Meat Pide

Mix Meat Pide

I haven’t gotten to the baklava, I am pretty keen to try it though.

While devouring our feast we watched some Rick and Morty. Does anyone else watch this? If not, you should. It’s weird and awesome and weird. Adult Swim have apparently removed the episodes from YouTube but you can watch the pilot on their site.

And now, I’m writing this up. It’s 8:30 so the day isn’t over but I will probably just watch videos on YouTube and read my book until it is.


Of food and events

It’s strange that the days chosen  for the A day in the life project I pretty much lounge around the house doing a whole lot of nothing and then there are days like a few I’ve had this week where I do cool things nearly every day.

On Wednesday of this week a few girls and I from work were tasked with organising a work lunch for us and 3 other people of our choice. We had to choose the day, time, destination and get our unlikely guests (we were told to choose people that aren’t well known in the company and don’t socialise much) to attend our event. As this is the guinea pig lunch we chose something easy for lunch – Teppanyaki – so that at least the food would be entertaining if we turned out to be awkward and uncomfortable. 

The chef was very good and entertaining, he obviously was very experienced because the food all tasted delicious, plus none of us got hit in the face with anything he was throwing around so there is that. We had fried omelette pieces thrown at us and also a bowl of fried egg which everyone did really well in catching and not much food ended up on the floor. I was a bit concerned by the fish and beef because I don’t really eat much of either but wow, it was cooked perfectly and I just wanted more! At the end the chef left us a ‘thank you’ written in salt which he did upside down and backwards. It was better than I can write normally.

A teppanyaki thank you

A teppanyaki thank you

My boss had been down all week and for the first time ever (I’ve been at work nearly 2 years) she took the team leaders out to dinner. Our newest team leader chose the restaurant, which was way to fancy for my liking. If it had been up to me I would never have chosen it. It was very much a high service, small serves kind of place. We shared  an entree that was quite nice and I sort of wish I’d had it as main, in the end I chose a Duck dish for main which looked nothing like how I expected, it has also been a long time since I’ve eaten duck. I could probably lived with not trying it again. The highlight for me (other than the vodka) was a chocolate torte that had some berries and icecream with it. So, good! Unfortunately, I have no photos as I devoured it too fast.

After dinner we convinced the boss to take us to a nearby bar – although based on all the complaining from everyone it wasn’t nearby enough, it was about 500m.. not a big deal really – for cocktails! The place was small and quirky and ONLY HAD ONE TOILET… I can’t imagine what it must be like late on a Friday or Saturday night. Apparently they sell churros too, I nearly bought some but was too full from dinner. In the end I went with a Chocolate Freckle and I liked it so much I bought another one. 

Chocolate Freckle Cocktail

Chocolate Freckle Cocktail

I’m not sure how much alcohol this had (I know it was creme de cacao and Kahlua though) but it basically just tasted like a delicious chocolate drink which isn’t surprising considering about 1/3 of it was chocolate syrup.

On Friday night many of my colleagues tried to convince me to attend a poker night but I really couldn’t be bothered doing anything else work related and well, it was Veronica Mars movie release day! I was one of the backers and have been waiting forever for it to happen and finally, on Friday morning I had the email saying I could get my digital download of the movie. I had to wait until I finished work but I really wanted to get it downloaded and be watching it on Friday night. If you are a part of any sort of social media you probably know how annoyed everyone is with Warner’s choice of using Flixster for the downloads and how it just doesn’t work. I had to download the desktop software twice before it was successful and even then it still wouldn’t let me log in. Not only that, but the 16mb file became 23mb and ended up as 38mb before deciding it was done.. it also took 20mins to download. Basically, it is a buggy piece of crap.

In the end, after trying for at least an hour to get the damn software to work, we found a torrent and downloaded it instead. It took about 30mins and I could watch it on whatever device I wanted (with flixster we were going to resort to hooking up my laptop with HDMI to the tv) and it was fast, easy and the quality is good. It’s disappointing that we had to do it and that it was so much easier than the legitimate way although I don’t feel like I did something dodgy considering it is something I have paid for.

Oh, did I mention that Jarrod went and bought surprise icecream to have with the movie, to make it just that little bit more worthwhile? It was delicious and the movie was better than I was expecting, I was pretty scared leading up to it that it was just going to be terrible and endlessly disappointing. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Today, we had a spontaneous lunch (at 3:30) at a local cafe we like. The owner does AMAZING chocolate thick shakes, I don’t know how she makes them (other than lots of icecream) but they’re so good every single time. Each time I usually try something different from the menu to eat, although initially I nearly gave up on the food because I didn’t have many successes. This time I went with a Chorizo and Mushroom Melt which was so big! I didn’t expect so much, it was also cheesy delicious.

Chorizo and Mushroom Melt

Chorizo and Mushroom Melt

Lastly, Jarrod and I decided to go to Skyfire, which is an annual event here that includes many, many fireworks going off on one of the lakes. It’s meant to be synced to the music but it never really seems to happen so well. Rather than sit with thousands of people on the lake we decided to go to the roof of a pretty tall building and watch from there. It’s much nicer with just the two of us, even if you can only see the fireworks that go higher into the sky. We sat, with hot chocolate, waiting for it to begin and just enjoyed the view and each others company.

The fireworks were quite nice this year and I wish I had some good photos but we were too far and I only had my phone camera so they didn’t turn out.

Basically, it’s been a few busy, delicious and decent days. The next Day in the life is in 3 days, I hope it can be at least half as interesting as some of these days for you.