Lost in Nostalgia

Where have I been recently? Lost in Nostalgia, that’s where. A month or so ago I was so bored and wondered to myself “where are all the cool world/city builder games like the ones I used to play, they were so awesome!” and it seemed like they just didn’t exist anymore. I decided to search for a few games I used to play to see what similar games I could find when suddenly I stumbled upon gog.com which is a site full of teenaged dreams and nostalgia. Nearly any game I can think of that I used to love, they have and their goal is to make all the “good ol’ games” playable on current operating systems. I cautiously typed in one of the games I used to love and there it was! For sale and for the same price as most iPad apps you can buy these days. There was Caesar III.

A bustling city in Caesar III

A bustling city in Caesar III

Caesar III is a Roman city Builder game where you get assignments from Caesar to build up desolute or poor villages into something better – working towards world domination, of course – and then you move onto your next mission and start over again. What I love most about the game is that you start with villagers in tents and slowly they get wealthier and start building better places and everything gets a little fancy. The only problem I found with the gog version of this is it doesn’t like window view, it freaks out a bit so it’s best to leave it as full screen, the issue with this is you lose hours while you build up your city and empire and don’t even realise until your eyes are dropping out of your face.

I put so many games on my wishlist like RollerCoaster Tycoon, Patrician III, Theme Hospital, Abes Odyssey/Exodus and I have been able to find games I’ve never heard of before, like Deponia, which looks so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. I really love the animation style and the storyline is so silly and snarky that I knew it’d be just for me. That being said, it’s been a while since I’ve played an adventure point and click game and I’m pretty terrible at it. A few walk thrus have saved me on multiple occasions as they clues can be very obscure and complex but I’m getting better.. sort of.

To the grave

I am currently in hour two of my second graveyard shift at work. Leading up to this shift I was dreading the hours as I can’t even remember the last time I was still awake at 5AM having not slept the night before. Back in my clubbing and heavy drinking days.. back in those long lost days of teenagehood. Up until recently, the idea of being awake at 2am was a foreign concept to me… perhaps I was becoming a bit of an old fogey.

So, you see what a shift this was going to be for me? Going to work at midnight!?! Yikes, what a world I live in now. I did it though and you know what? It was actually incredibly easy. It wasn’t until about 6:30 that I started feeling it and just wanted to be in bed but then my colleague who took over at 8AM brought me in some breakfast so it was kind of worthwhile ๐Ÿ™‚

What things would you do on this type of shift so that you stay awake and occupied? Unfortunately tonight there is no milk! I was going to have a scheduled Hot Chocolate and later on a scheduled Chocolate Milk shake… luckily McDonalds is 24/7 around the corner and I got a shake from there.

Anyway, I think I am rambling so I will stop while I am ahead and hope you have some advise on keeping the boredom away.