Time for burning bras

I went bra shopping last week (feel free to shudder). Why is it so hard? Why isn’t there a universal size for all brands? I think it is time to take them off and burn them girls!

Not only was I unable to find 2 bras in different brands that fit the same but bras of the same size in the same brand also had fitting issues. Eventually, I found one that fit and looked nice under my shirt so I bought it…

… I get it home and it doesn’t fit the same! How does the change room deceive me like this? I feel like I’m 15 again and trying to work out my size except that all my other bras are the same size and they fit.

I need to get fitted again maybe, have you been? How often do you go and when did you get your first fitting? I didn’t get my first one until I was 24!! and then I had the best bras I’d ever worn… it didn’t help that until that point I didn’t know what cup size came after D.

Now I’m off to shrug around until this bra feels like it fits.