Could this be the one?

On my last post it was mentioned how people generally wouldn’t want to do the graveyard shift in an office by themselves because it is scary. Overall, I’ve really liked this shift and kind of like that there is no one else in the office at the same time as me. It is peaceful and I don’t have to worry about who will bother me today. All in all, bliss. Well, except today… 3hrs in and I am fading already… only 5 hours to go!

So, I am able to get a bus in on this shift and the strange thing I have noticed is that my local bus has had middle aged women driving it each night. Now, I will happily walk the 20mins home at 12:30am in the dark and I will also wait at the bus interchange at 10:50pm waiting on my bus but I’m not sure I would be willing to drive a bus around the suburbs near my house without someone else around. It is strange to me that the bus company puts women on these routes at this time without any support. I wonder how much they think about it everytime they make a stop. What are the odds that this person may be the one to pull a knife or threaten them?

Heres hoping they never know the answer to that question.

Phantom Pony

Currently, on the graveyard shift, I am alone in the office much of the time. That is, up until the person before me leaves at midnight and the 8am starter gets in, I am alone in the dark in a 4 storey office building. Did I mention it has been storming for the entire time I’ve been doing this shift? It is the perfect setting for a thriller movie. There is even a fluro light that flashes.

On this shift I generally only have 2 sets of lights on. One in my office and one in the break room. There is also a small trail going to the front of the office. Earlier, I was walking back from the toilet (it is OUTSIDE the office, I have to go into the foyer just to go to the toilet! Each time I am scared the door won’t open for my pass and I’ll be standing out there with no shoes and only a security pass to my name) and as I walked into the main office I noticed a shady looking figure on the other side of the room out of the corner of my eye.

I tried to take a better look but I didn’t have my glasses and I had just put eye drops in and everything was a bit blurry. As my heart raced I wondered if it were an intruder, or was it a ghost, or was it something else?

I crept a little closer and as I inched my way over I noticed it was bright pink and was in fact sitting on a desk. What was it? It was a huge My Little Pony stuffed toy sitting on someones desk.

And I ask myself “Who the hell keeps oversized stuffed toys on their desk??”