Fire, exclamation mark.

And that will only be hilarious to people that have seen the IT Crowd. Best. episode. ever.

But back to the actual point. I was cruising along at work on my last 12 hr shift (midnight to midday) and decided I’d like something to eat. It was about 3:30am which seem as good a time as any but it wasn’t to be because as I was about to do it the fire alarm went off! Fortunately, my security pass has the instructions on what to do in this case. Although, I think they were the instructions for business hours not weekends at 3am. So I sit and wonder if it will turn off or if the beep, beep, beep will continue forever. It didn’t, it became the scary wooop, wooop of “get the hell out! We’re on fire!” and then a strange english man recording came on the PA and told me to calmly evacuate and go to the designated evacuation point.

So I calmly packed my stuff and walked out but didn’t know where the evacuation point was. I was told it is actually a block away! There was no way I was walking down there at 3:30am. So I waited outside for the fire brigade to come and fortunately, our technically minded people had been working down at the data centre (about 5mins drive away from the office) and had just finished up when this all occurred. So they also turned up and kept me company as the firemen went through and pretended to inspect the building.

I say pretend because they didn’t actually have full access to the building, including the floor they believed the issue to be on! They also didn’t talk to us or tell us what was going on. The simply, turned the alarm off and left. We assumed it was safe to enter. Which, 6hrs later, it appears it was.

I will say, that I was afraid to turn the sandwich press on for fear of sparking the smoke detectors and having the issue happen again. Stupid? Sure, but you never know.