I don’t get it.

Last week a close friend of my Mum’s and a friend of the family (back when my parents were together and I still lived with them so you know, nearly 10 years ago) died suddenly.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I am sad for her family but I don’t feel as though it is connected to me. She was around as I was growing up but for most of my life she has been a friend of my Mums and nothing more.

Her memorial was today with her funeral next week. My Mum asked if I could go to the memorial and I said I couldn’t because we’re short staffed at work. I think she is quite angry that I didn’t go but I really didn’t see the point.

You see, I don’t get why we have funerals or memorials! What good does it do? Who does it help? Why? I ask! I don’t need closure or a feeling of goodbye I already know she is gone and have processed this fact so why?

I also don’t know how to explain this to my Mum in a way she’ll understand. I am happy for her to go if it helps her but I see no benefit in it for me.

So, my all knowing readers, if you have had to go to a funeral before, what were the reasons and did it help with your mourning? If not, would you attend a funeral if it happened?

Enlighten me!