A Time for Glee

Dear Glee Writers,

I have, just now, become up to date with Glee Season 2 and I was wondering if you realised that the Gleeks (and everyone in Lima) appear to live in this alternative universe where time doesn’t matter? Also, how is it that New Directions can be so good without ever having to rehearse?

Being that I am now re-acquainted with Glee means I have been introduced to the newest cast member, Blaine and also Dalton Academy. I’m wondering if the Dalton Academy boys are so brainwashed that they wear their ugly blazers and grey pants all day, every day? I’d really like to see a bit of skin if you wouldn’t mind. Or even if they could try taking off the tie. Baby steps after all.

A big gripe I have with this season is the RHPS episode. Where was Puck? I know he was meant to be in Juvie but why was he written out of this episode? I had such high hopes of seeing him as Frank N Furter! I think a piece of me died when Mercedes ended up doing it – fortunately Sam got to be Rocky. I’ll admit he was kind of perfect for that.

I’m not sure you’re aware of this but have you noticed that Rachel and Finn are kind of the Kate and jack (Lost) of this show? Basically, what I’m getting at is that no one actually like their characters! I tend to fast forward or mute anything that either of them has to say and if I could wipe the image of Finn’s terrible zombie impersonation (which I wouldn’t have thought would be a huge stretch for Finn) from my mind I would.

But seriously, you need to explore your other characters a bit more. What about the gorgeous Puck (and not his ‘thug’ scenes don’t count) and Santana? How about a bit more Tina? Really, anything to have a bit less Rachel.

You really have a lot of work ahead of you to come back to the standards of Season 1. I recommend having Puck and Blaine walk around with no shirts to begin with. I’m sure you can work it out from there.

Yours Sincerely,