History in the making

Today, for the first time in Australian history we have a female prime minister. It is a fairly big event but I can’t help but be let down. The media is making a huge deal out of it but really, we didn’t vote for her, the Labor party voted for her.

I think I’ll be more excited when it comes to election time and the people of Australia vote her in. I’d love to see it but there are many things working against her. One of which is that she is a single sucessful career woman. Yes, I know, generally this wouldn’t be cause for concern however people appear to believe that only family people can run a country. It is upsetting that a person’s personal life speaks louder than their career achievements. This is actually a shining example of it because I have no idea who she was before she was deputy Prime Minister.

It was big news about 9:30 this morning so a few of us were chatting at work and then one of my female colleagues joined in and her first comments were “why would we vote for her? She just wishes she had a dick!” This coming from a female colleague, I was so incredibly shocked! She then went on to comment about how “the dyke” won’t get votes. Argh, it sounded so repulsive! This coming from a woman who has children AND grandchildren, apparently one of her children is gay and that is how she talks! I was completed disgusted.

This is only one example. There is also daily talk about her hair style and her this and her that. She is going to have to be beautiful and smart to win over our population. It is frustrating to see that none of our previous prime ministers have ever had to go through the same ordeal.