Yesterday I took part in a fun Instagram tag project: #12on121212. The idea was that you take 12 photos throughout the day with a timestamp to see how many minutes of the day could be captured between everyone.

I’m pretty pleased with the photos I took, even if some of them are a bit of  filler and others I forgot the timestamp. Here is how I spent 12.12.12, the last date like this we’ll see for a really long time:

A bee in my hair! @7:31 Best. Hot. Chocolate. Ever @ 10:46 Picking Mulberries at work @ 12:50

 oh hai cockatoo! @ 12:55 Crazy old tree @13:25 Back in time at 17:10

Segregated dinner @18:29 Perfect sunset @ 20:15 Rickety bridge. hate them. @ 20:36

quack! @ 20:57 22:22 The end! bed, books and music @ 22:41

Let me know your thoughts? Did you participate in this or something similar? If you want to see them in all their instagram glory be sure to check out my Instagram account (username: k_lliste).