Phantom Pony

Currently, on the graveyard shift, I am alone in the office much of the time. That is, up until the person before me leaves at midnight and the 8am starter gets in, I am alone in the dark in a 4 storey office building. Did I mention it has been storming for the entire time I’ve been doing this shift? It is the perfect setting for a thriller movie. There is even a fluro light that flashes.

On this shift I generally only have 2 sets of lights on. One in my office and one in the break room. There is also a small trail going to the front of the office. Earlier, I was walking back from the toilet (it is OUTSIDE the office, I have to go into the foyer just to go to the toilet! Each time I am scared the door won’t open for my pass and I’ll be standing out there with no shoes and only a security pass to my name) and as I walked into the main office I noticed a shady looking figure on the other side of the room out of the corner of my eye.

I tried to take a better look but I didn’t have my glasses and I had just put eye drops in and everything was a bit blurry. As my heart raced I wondered if it were an intruder, or was it a ghost, or was it something else?

I crept a little closer and as I inched my way over I noticed it was bright pink and was in fact sitting on a desk. What was it? It was a huge My Little Pony stuffed toy sitting on someones desk.

And I ask myself “Who the hell keeps oversized stuffed toys on their desk??”