Quite A Commitment

Recently Jarrod and I finished watching Smallville. Just for those that don’t know, Smallville has 10 seasons, 22 episodes per season and 42 mins per episode. If you add that up you end up with 9240 mins, or 154 hours, or just under a week.

Yes, even though I wasn’t too keen on Smallville I said “Sure, why not?” when we were deciding what to watch next those many months ago. It took us weeks of weekends to get through and many “next season is better” (Jarrod) and “Oh man, why doesn’t he just tell her already!? God, I hate Clark!” (me) comments but we finally made it.

About 2/3 through watching I found this video from College Humor “Lets Have a TV Baby” which seemed relevant except we just dived in, with no such conversation… good thing it didn’t turn out like The West Wing right? Granted, if someone said “You’ll be watching Smallville for the equivalent of a week… and 158 episodes will include Lana Lang” I might have reconsidered the decision.

All in all Smallville was… OK. Mostly. It has a similar format to Buffy (which I like) with an overall season ‘BigBad’ and individual episode villains to deal with. Even still I didn’t find it as good and the BigBad mostly ended up being too easy to beat after all the hype they’d received.

I do, however, enjoy Lex! Evil Lex, crazy Lex, paranoid Lex, farm boy Lex, I like them all! Michael Rosenbaum did a pretty amazing job with him and I would have loved to see him there for the entire show. Even just for those crazy paranoia episodes that came with nearly ever season.

Oh, and Zod was pretty cool too.

I’m not sure I could ever sit down and watch it all again. Well, other than to point out to Jarrod that:

1. The Lana/Clark ‘moments’ at the end of each episode for the first few seasons is a thing, and
2. There was definitely some attraction between Clark and Lex.

Go back and watch it, you’ll see.