A Day in the Life: April 2014

This month the Day in the Life link up was meant to happen on the 10th and I actually took photos and everything this time but house buying and moving and cleaning and life got in the way of getting the post written. And here it is 10 days later and I don’t really remember much BUT I do have some photos.

For about 2 weeks it had been raining non stop here so every time we visited our new place it was grey and dreary and the 10th was no different. In fact, one of the things I remember most from this day was the fact that I checked the mail and there were a few snails in the process of devouring all of our mail. So we had some snail mail, literally! Get it, snail.. mail..

Snail Mail

Snail Mail

We also learnt a bit that day about what data cabling we have in the place and it’s actually pretty decent! Nearly every room is connected so we will have the internet everywhere! While we were testing that, I remember taking this photo and marvelling (again) at how cool our stair lights are.. yes stair lights can be cool! 

Fancy stair lights!

Fancy stair lights!

Mostly, I remember being nervous about moving and hoping everything would go ok. Also, walking to work in the rain, again. Fortunately, it did go ok and our moving day cleared up and it was the first day of sunshine we’d seen in a long time.

We’re also working on a new blog, the domain I bought about 20mins after .house was released on the 9th (10th for me) and we think it really suits all our new house things. Take a look if you’re interested – ournew.house – new TLDs are fun!


And out of the blue she returned

Yes, it’s me and not some spambot. Promise, or maybe I’m an especially good spambot… but probably not. What it actually seems like is that I decided on my return today after nearly 12 months without a peep.

It’s actually been a crazy 12 months, the most productive and life changing I may have ever had and it all started with a book. A leadership book to be precise that my boss (at the time) forced on me to build my leadership, communication skills and confidence. What it did was change the way I thought about life, work and people in general and made me see that I wasting away the life that I had.

So fast forward 12 months and I have a new partner, a new job and a new outlook on life. I used to be the person who could see they were going no where but never took any responsibility for it, none of it was my fault obviously. Now I’ve taken that responsibility and in doing it I’m a happier, better person and working towards a bunch of goals which is something I’ve never had before. I feel like I’ve put on a new pair of glasses and suddenly the world is clear again.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to do it alone and am glad, now, to have those persistent people who never gave up on me to help me along, that being new friends, Mum and the awesomeness that is Jarrod.

So now to the future, who knows what it will bring but here’s hoping that whatever it is, it’s amazing.