A little facelift

Yes! I was thinking of making a new layout but everything I looked at for inspiration, while beautiful (like these I love her style!), just wasn’t me. In the end I decided to change the colour (though, later when I thought about it. I always get comments that my layout is very halloween so perhaps I should have kept it) to electric blue! (is it too bright?) and tweak the other stuff. Seems like a good compromise, I’d love to get this layout exactly as I want it and to learn more about WordPress and CSS in the meantime. I’m especially interested in working on how my comments look, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Recently, I’ve had more time for my site and the internet (is that a good thing?) so I’ve been able to have some fun on the forums I peruse. After the hacking and lack of updates though my blog has taken a huge hit. I’m excited when I get more than 10 hits a day right now ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope it isn’t related to the fact that I was off work sick 3 of the last 5 days. I hear that my boss was investigating how much sick leave I have (more than 2 weeks) and imagine she is quite concerned that I won’t be at work again. Although I’d love to do that I’m somewhat to lazy to have to keep getting medical certificates and I want to see the pleasant colleagues at least once more. I wonder if I’ll see them after I leave?

Do you keep friends when you change jobs? I have to say that I rarely do. I don’t treat them as friends either but I have with this bunch in some ways so maybe I will have some ‘real’ friends to say goodbye too this time around.

Websites are hard mkay?

This week I’ve learnt and also, frustratingly not learnt, how to do some new things on the world of the web.

Recently, my partner decided he wanted a website (again) and so we got to work on it and here is where we have gotten currently. He also has a forum attached which is phpBB. The website stuff is fine, if he has a question I don’t know I look it up and more or less it is an easy fix or add on but where the forum is concerned I pull out my hair!

He would like a list of most recent topics/posts in the forum to be displayed on the site, sounds easy enough right? Well, I’m still yet to do it. I’ve scoured ever phpbb forum I can find and yet my brain still hurts. It is now to the point where I’ve given up in frustration… any phpBB experts out there?

It has been nice to use more CSS though and get the hang of PHPincludes and I even validated my website! For the first time in her history, Lazily is validated! Doesn’t she just shine? ๐Ÿ™‚

In all of this I’ve learnt more about cpanel too and my host is helping more learn more as I help him out with tickets and the like. They’re a very supportive host is Rewind and none of my questions are ever stupid.

As my confidence increases I’ve been able to answer questions on forums and overall help people out. It’s kind of incredible the week I’ve had.

So where does it all lead? Well, I signed up for my first SOTM competition and I’m coming second so far! I was scared I’d be dead last with only my vote to my name ๐Ÿ˜› I’d love your help if you’d like. Click the button below to go to voting: