I have a new phone!

So, I haven’t done so well on the writing prompts front. I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks (the longest I can remember being sick, ever) and lacked motivation but my new phone gives me lots of motivation.

On a side note, if you have any remedies for sore throats and blocked noses I’d love to hear them.

Anyway, you might recall I recently decided to buy a new phone because my HTC was driving me a bit crazy. I got a good response of answers about what phones everyone recommends but mostly it was just ‘get an iPhone’ and well, no. I wasn’t willing to spend $800 on an iPhone (I did consider spending that amount on an HTC One M8 though) because Apple. I only use Apple products when it’s free (like the iPad I won).

In the end I decided on a Nexus 5 which, being a Google phone, comes with KitKat installed. It’s also super light at 130gm which feels like nothing in comparison to my old phone. I have been playing with settings and apps and while KitKat is nice to look at, it’s missing some of the things I liked having like swipe and pin security, for example. With the Nexus 5 you can choose wither swipe or pin, if you set the pin delay it just doesn’t lock the phone until that time is up.. Fortunately I found a app that will do that for me.

All the pretty of my home screen

All the pretty of my home screen

I’m pretty pleased with how my home screen looks! Getting used to 3 buttons instead of 4 has been difficult, and these ones are on screen buttons too not physical. I have been missing the Settings button, but given this phone doesn’t crash, it has 4G and is super light and pretty, I haven’t missed it that much.

I am also looking for a new twitter app. I’d like it to be able to zip/mute tweets, have a proper conversation view (no blue lines thank you very much!) and, preferably, be free. Let me know what you use.

One other thing I decided on as part of getting a new phone was finally moving away from Vodafone and becoming a Telstra customer. I always said I’d never change to Telstra but their coverage and speed is just so much better than the competition that it seemed like a given I’d one day change. Funnily enough, the plan I have now has  more and costs less than what I was on with Vodafone. For those not in Australia, it’s very rare for Telstra to have competitive pricing, they rely on having a better service to get customers generally. 

If you are in Australia and looking to move to Telstra but find their plan pricing is too high go into a store or give them a call and ask for their cheaper Casual Plans. You’ll need a BYO phone for this but their casual (month to month, no contract) plans actually start at $25/month rather than the $55/month advertised on their website.

I decided to go in store to sort this out. It was really busy and I thought I’d be waiting forever but a floating employee asked me a few questions and found a sales person for me. As I already knew what I wanted and had the required information it was a really quick process and the sales person was very friendly and helpful.

When I looked into porting my number across online it said it would take anywhere from 24 to 72hrs to happen. I asked the person in store how long it’d take and he said it was pretty fast and more likely up to 24hrs but I’d get a message from Vodafone when they had received the request. I walked out of the store, noticed I already had the text and went to message Jarrod to say I was on my way to meet him for lunch.. I wasn’t fast enough though as it ported within about 2 mins of me checking my phone. I was pretty amazed at how fast it happened.. and also how fast my internet on my new phone/with Telstra is.. delicious 4G.

Long story short, I have a new phone!

I hate my phone!

I’m putting it out there, I can’t stand my phone. It’s just over 2 years old now and it drives me insane! 

Going back a few years, I used to have a work provided iPhone4 which was ok, it was free.. I wasn’t going to complain. When I was made redundant from there they asked for it back and I was left my crappy old phone that didn’t even know what the internet was.

I decided being without a smart phone was just too difficult and went on a hunt for a new phone. At the time, as I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have much expendable income and I decided to go on a plan that came with a phone. I wanted an HTC and for some reason (I can’t remember now) I decided that it should be an HTC Sensation. In the beginning it was good, I liked the camera, it was easy to use and even though it didn’t have Instagram (it came out on Android a few weeks after I got the phone) I was still happy with it.

But then! It started to randomly crash and when it restarted itself, it would come back with up much less battery, it could have had 100% before it died and it restarted with 10% for example. This was highly frustrating, more so when it would repeatedly crash to the point where I had to take out the battery to get it to stop. It sometimes gets to the point where I just want to throw it on the ground, stomp on it a few times and then throw it in a fire, to see it burn a melty death.


Battery usage comparison

Apparently this is a known issue with the HTC Sensation but if you take it to your carrier to get it replaced they blame water damage and make you pay for it.. so I’ve been stuck with this phone for 2 years now.

Finally, I’m out of contract on the phone and I’m going to do something about it! Yes, I’m buying a new phone but I’m not sure what to get. Currently, I’m thinking about either a Nexus 5 or a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

What type of phone would you recommend? Do you own either the Nexus 5 or Xperia Z1 Compact and have a review on it?