A Day in the Life: February 2014

I’m a day late for this again, for some reason I thought it landed on Saturday this time but it was actually meant to be 7/2 – a Friday – maybe I will just always be a day late. This part of Manda’s A Day in the Life link up. My previous entries can be found here.

Either way, this time around the account isn’t very interesting. If I told you all about Friday I would have documented a bad day at work and Saturday I stayed at home hiding from the sun. I also have no photos this time around because there wasn’t much of anything to take photos of.

After a terrible week back at work after taking leave I was looking forward to the weekend, although this really started on Monday – I really didn’t want to go back to work.

My day began with a late sleep in because not having an alarm to wake up to is one of the joys of the weekend. I lay about in bed for a while and thought about all the things I probably wouldn’t do for the day. In the end, we did go outside briefly to get some food and stuff but mostly we hid away inside because it was going to be another hot day.

I washed my hair because we were going out, normally I wouldn’t on a Saturday but it was looking, and feeling, a bit gross.. Ever since getting my haircut a few weeks ago it’s been getting greasy really easily and I’m not sure why.

The drink was quite a highlight, a local cafe nearby does an excellent thick shake so we bought one each plus a piece of Mars Bar Cheesecake and made our way home. The Mars Bar cheesecake was a bit of a disappointment, it looked a lot like this (but this isn’t the actual one, as I said.. didn’t take any photos) and had a chocolate base, cheesecake section and what tasted like mousse on the top. In theory, it sounds awesome but in reality it was pretty plain.

Good thing we had the thickshakes to keep us happy.

The afternoon was spent lounging around on my laptop and also reading some of my current book, Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I’ve read it before and really like it but find I’ve been struggling my way through it this time around. So, I decided to get back into it and red about 80 pages because giving up and having a nap.

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

After the nap and some further reading I came back to the world of the internet and looked up some recipe/how to videos on YouTube and wanted to make them all, but then remembered I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that stuff. So, instead of making some extravagant dinner we just made a meal with chicken and vegetables and sat down to watch Batman Begins.

Originally, it took me 3 attempts to watch this movie because I kept falling asleep and well, now I can see why. Half the movie is just character building and so dull and really.. do we actually believe Bruce Wayne/Christian Bale was turning 30? We estimated that he looked closer to 40 , the funny thing is that at the time it was released Christian Bale was only 30.. oops, sorry Christian. I also realised that Batman Begins was made in 2005 and this means I’ve been complaining about Christian Bale as Batman for 9 years and after the re-watch I still don’t like him. Also, why is he scared of bats? I know, fell down a well and a bunch of bats fluttered all over him.. so terrifying. I’d probably be more scared of falling down holes – you know, the actual thing that hurt him – than a bunch of bats. And don’t even get me started on what they did to the Batmobile..

To me, Michael Keaton is the best Batman.

Anyway, moving along.. there was icecream involved with watching the movie so that was nice.

The night ended with doing some more internet things and going to bed, so yes, a mostly non eventful day.

Why Emma, I’m surprised!

So, as I am on my Austen kick currently I hired out a version of Emma (how many are there? I’m not sure, this was the only one I could find and came upon it by chance). The Gwyneth Paltrow and Toni Collette version if there are others.

I was actually very surprised at the casting of Toni Collette, I don’t think I would ever have thought of her as Harriet Smith but she was lovely, although all I could think of in much of her scenes was “You’re terrible Muriel”. It is strange to think she is the same person who is now doing “The United States of Tara” which I have to say… not a fan.

Anyway, back on track ๐Ÿ™‚

In the book, I always had this impression that Emma was doing what she thought was right and just wanted to help. I didn’t get that impression from the movie at all and wonder which one is right. I suppose Emma is meant to be the lovably flawed heroine but all I really felt was that she was a manipulative bitch who liked to play with those she called friends. Really, poor little Harriet, she would have been better off having never met Emma and just marrying Mr. Martin in the first place!

Then, after everything (and this might spoil anyone who hasn’t read/seen it and wants too… shut your eyes!) the most lovely and good character confesses his love even though he knows her completely. Why Mr Knightley! Oh yes, I did love Mr. Knightley and he was the real reason I hired the movie. I really, really wanted to know who they had cast and Jeremy Northam was quite lovely. I really enjoyed what they did with his character, most notably the “Oh no, she’s at it again” eyebrow raises.

It is strange how a different adaption of something can leave you feeling very different. At the end of the book I was filled with joy as I had hoped for Mr Knightley and Emma to sort their crap out! After the movie though, I thought that Emma should have been with Mr Frank Churchill and left Jane to Mr Knightley. Why? Well Mr. Knightley and Jane deserved so, much, better of course.

Overall, I’m left wondering if there is a better version of Emma. Perhaps, it was my dislike for Gwyneth Paltrow shining through though.

So now, am I the only one who will ever tempt fate by watching a film adaption of good book? Have you ever found a movie that came close? Let me know.