For the love of TV

It may come as a surprise to people but I really like watching TV. Like, REALLY! I can take or leave movies but would hate to be without tv shows in my life. They’re so much better than movies because they don’t end after 90 – 180mins or have terrible sequels (even if they do generally have terrible seasons after the 5th) that ruin everything! I’m looking at you The Matrix..

I took a look through my tags and over 4 years I have only ever tagged 6 posts as TV. Considering the amount of time I spend watching TV shows (and that I’m a moderator on a TV forum), it’s really not enough.. more than that I’ve never even mentioned Gravity Falls which is one of my favourite shows ever! How could this be?

So I thought today I’d give you my 3 favourite shows that are currently still running.

1. Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is an animated show on Disney (but don’t let that put you off) about twins Dipper and Mabel’s summer with their Great Uncle Stan (Gruncle Stan) in Gravity Falls, a place of mystery and some down right creepy things. Unlike a lot of animated shows targeted at kids, Gravity Falls has an ongoing storyline throughout the episodes to find out all the mysteries that Gravity Falls is hiding.. and there are a lot! Many people say Gravity Falls is like an animated LOST.. you know, if the LOST writers hadn’t been winging it for much of the show.

Even though it is considered a kids show it definitely is a lot of fun for adults too as we’re the ones that will get all the jokes.. plus there is an episode on time travel! What’s not to like.

2. Rick and Morty

Another animated show but this one is definitely not for kids! As with Gravity Falls there is a storyline.. although it’s lost a bit in the weirdness of each episode but there is continuity which I like. This show isn’t going to be for everyone.. it’s pretty out there and sometimes just plain stupid but it’s hilarious all the same. 

Rick and Morty is about, well.. Rick and Morty. Rick is a mad scientist and Morty is his grandson that Rick brings along for his adventures and sometimes he keeps the family at home distracted by gadgets they’ve never seen before. Currently there is only 1 season but the 2nd is meant to air later in the year/early 2015. So you have time to catch up and be somewhat confused at how this became a show and think about how awesome it is.

3. Doctor Who – NewWho

I’m not sure I really need to say what Doctor Who is about, it’s been around forever, everyone should already know. Just in case though, Doctor Who is about a Time Lord who travels through time and space in his Tardis (basically a spaceship that can go anywhere, anytime.. although sometimes it’s really bad with navigating time) and usually has a companion along for the ride. 

I prefer the older seasons and David Tennant (Ten) was my favourite doctor. The video above isn’t the first episode, or his first episode, but is one of the best of the series. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely give it a try!

A Day in the Life: March 2014

I decided to do this a day late this time so.. yeah, I should just do that from now on.  I didn’t take too many pictures but mostly because I was at work all day and that’s kind of boring.

For those that don’t know, this is part of Manda’s A Day in the Life link up. My previous entries can be found here.

Today, my alarm was set for 7:40 but Jarrod had to get up early so, although it was set for that time, I didn’t need it. I mostly just lounged around in bed until then anyway because why not? Usually I leave before or at the same time as Jarrod so it felt weird to be leaving after him. I felt like  I was going to work super late even though it was just a 9 o’clock start.

I walked to work and got there a few minutes early, there were 12 calls in queue which, unfortunately at the moment is pretty usual. I was told there was an outage happening though and that was the reason. That outage  became 50 in the queue and everyone was on phones trying to get through them. A change had been made the night before that was all approved apparently, I guess none of us got that memo.

After that though the day was mostly normal, monitor queues, help people out, do team leadery things. 

At lunch I met up with Jarrod so I could go spend a bunch of money on a bank cheque for the stamp duty on our new home! –  I haven’t mentioned that on the internet much yet, that will be later. – I came out of the bank with a cheque for a bunch of money and we went on our way, which included a stop off at McDonalds on the way back for a Chocolate Frappe, mmmm!

I went back to work and did work things and didn’t have  much motivation to do the boring things I had set for myself for the afternoon.

Next thing I know,  one of the guys in my team walked by and I thought he was listening to music (he had his phone and earphones), turns out he was on handsfree on his phone with his girlfriend and she had just told him that his dog had died, a snake had bitten him.  None of us knew what the hell was going on but it was sort of like in the movies/on TV when someone gets bad news and they fall to floor and cry and we really didn’t know what to do. As the boss I figured I should probably do something but, although I am a manager of people, I’m not very good at dealing with crying, sad people and I think I did the worst job ever. What do you say to someone who has just lost a pet they consider like a child? “That sucks bro”?

 So, I spent the rest of the afternoon mostly just waiting for work to end while feeling sorry for that guy and feeling like a pretty crap team leader. It was a good afternoon.

Needless to say, when I got home and Jarrod said we should get some sort of takeaway for dinner I didn’t really need to be persuaded much. We decided on a new Turkish place called Alara’s, who I would link if their website was up. Does anyone else find it super frustrating when restaurants don’t have websites? Alara’s opened up a week or so ago so we decided to support this new business and bought a pide and a couple of pieces of baklava. We wondered if we might still be hungry after the pizza. We were wrong. It was quite big for the price ($16) and quite tasty.

Mix Meat Pide

Mix Meat Pide

I haven’t gotten to the baklava, I am pretty keen to try it though.

While devouring our feast we watched some Rick and Morty. Does anyone else watch this? If not, you should. It’s weird and awesome and weird. Adult Swim have apparently removed the episodes from YouTube but you can watch the pilot on their site.

And now, I’m writing this up. It’s 8:30 so the day isn’t over but I will probably just watch videos on YouTube and read my book until it is.