When does the hurting stop?

… it’s been a hard few weeks. Very hard. Too many fuck ups, betrayals and bad luck than I care to remember. There has been the occasional YAY moment but they’ve generally been overshadowed by the avalanche of bad moments.

I’ve left a lot behind as well. A lot of internet behind anyway. I don’t post on normal forums, I rarely look at blogs and am lucky if I reply to an email. I DO however post at Solia Online, remember how I said previously that Menewsha stole my soul? Well, Solia fought Menewsha for it and won. I don’t know why it’s the main website I look at, I don’t know what keeps me going back but I do and it’s really the only thing online that I look at.

I am hoping to update here more. I hope people continue to look out for my posts… although without Despair I don’t seem to have people… my lack of posts is probably the cause though.

Anyway, i think I’ll stop here because I’m getting depressing and am wanting to go and crawl back into bed (I wish… 6+ hours of work left)