Month: November 2008

  • I miss Akismet!

    I rememeber a time when I didn’t use Akismet and the spam comments seemed normal… then I got used to the convenience of Akismet and it’s loverliness!! Right now i’m using Wireless Broadband which is mighty expensive and am only downloading things when neccesary so Akismet will have to wait but… … only 1 week! […]

  • It’s ok! I don’t have some terrible sickness!

    Phew, finally I can post again. I went through my un-moderated comments today and hadn’t approved any for nearly 2 months… TWO MONTHS! So, no I wasn’t terminally ill or anything, for some reason WP didn’t like me logging in. I mentioned it with host who said server issues… haven’t had internet in 3+ weeks […]