I miss Akismet!

I rememeber a time when I didn’t use Akismet and the spam comments seemed normal… then I got used to the convenience of Akismet and it’s loverliness!! Right now i’m using Wireless Broadband which is mighty expensive and am only downloading things when neccesary so Akismet will have to wait but…

… only 1 week! Well, less then, apparently we should finally have ADSL2 on Thursday (joy!) With like a 200GB cap or something *drools* I can finally catch up on Gossip Girl… squee!!

I recently got back into playing Bully on my 360… I’m nearly finished YEAH! Only 1 more rubber band (which is like impossible to get!) and 1 more G&G card and they’re done YAY… still have missions but I’ve been focussing on rubberbands, cards and gnomes the last few days… very  neat!

Anyhoo, must be off just thought I’d leave a quick update.

It’s ok! I don’t have some terrible sickness!

Phew, finally I can post again. I went through my un-moderated comments today and hadn’t approved any for nearly 2 months… TWO MONTHS!

So, no I wasn’t terminally ill or anything, for some reason WP didn’t like me logging in. I mentioned it with host who said server issues… haven’t had internet in 3+ weeks so couldn’t tell if it was working again but finally  yesterday internet is back (YAY). Found out that it still wasn’t working… host looked into it for me and apparently it’s a glitch between new WP versions and old plugins that happens when it randomly decides it wants too; which is why my smilies are so ugly, host had to remove all plugins (*cries* this includes the ever amazing Akismet!!) but now I can login YAY Thanks host!!

Gosh, so much has happened since last post… I’m not longer sick (YAY) but I no longer have a job (aww), I got redundancy though (YAY) hee and are just deciding what it is I want to do with myself.

Ohh and I moved woo! Will post more later… nearly midnight and ever so tired… just wanted everyone to know that YES I am ok 🙂