I miss Akismet!

I rememeber a time when I didn’t use Akismet and the spam comments seemed normal… then I got used to the convenience of Akismet and it’s loverliness!! Right now i’m using Wireless Broadband which is mighty expensive and am only downloading things when neccesary so Akismet will have to wait but…

… only 1 week! Well, less then, apparently we should finally have ADSL2 on Thursday (joy!) With like a 200GB cap or something *drools* I can finally catch up on Gossip Girl… squee!!

I recently got back into playing Bully on my 360… I’m nearly finished YEAH! Only 1 more rubber band (which is like impossible to get!) and 1 more G&G card and they’re done YAY… still have missions but I’ve been focussing on rubberbands, cards and gnomes the last few days… very  neat!

Anyhoo, must be off just thought I’d leave a quick update.

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  1. Akismet is a GODSEND when it comes to blasting spam, once or twice in a blue moon it'll miss something but then you spam it and it 'learns' 🙂

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