Desperate times

Is it normal to feel sorry for your pizza delivery guy? Last night we decided to get pizza delivered and when the guy got here I let him have the 5 cents in change… yes CENTS! And he was super happy! He didn’t seem to believe that I’d part with my 5 cents to give to him.
He was probably old enough to be my Dad… I felt so sorry for him being excited that someone actually gave him something extra when we’d just spent $25 just on dinner 🙁

I guess it puts the world into perspective… I wonder if I should put a compliment in for him?

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  1. not replacing wordpress. i haven't used that in forever. codexed is a journal, more like livejournal. it's where i started off journalling online inf act (when it was still diaryx!) and i feel comfortable there. the only BLOG blog that i use is my tumblr, which i lurve and haunt

  2. Maybe you should put in a compliment for him, but you probably made his day. It's so nice to know there are people out there who are grateful for everything you do for them.

  3. I know when I worked at the movie theater I almost never got tips. I would like it when people gave me their change. It all adds up after a while. My favorite days were when someone would actually tip me as opposed to just giving me their change. It was usually only a quarter, but sometimes I would get a dollar or two. Those would be the days I considered good.

  4. I feel sorry for people working in shitty jobs over a certain age. It makes you think "did they dream of that as they went through school?"

  5. It's a bit sad, yes, but you made his day brighter. I wish there weren't certain wage amounts for certain jobs so people wouldn't have to make the remainder up in tips. I don't think it's fair. It's good to know he was grateful.

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