Month: February 2009

  • Of Wine and Customers

    Today at work there was a farewell of sorts. The boss and previous owner of the company is somewhat retiring… well retiring from her full time position of running the place to a different part time position (haven’t really worked this one out). After work we had cake and wine (sparkling and ‘flat’ – as […]

  • Of Baby Steps and Trends

    I’ve made it to my first weight loss goal. I’m going in 5kg (11lbs) blocks and have another 5 of them to go… I’m finding it easier to have smaller goals because at least they come and go relatively quickly. I think I would have given up by now if I was only seeing the […]

  • Of Reviews and Bargains

    I’ve decided that I’d like to start every post with the word ‘Of’… so now I am 🙂 It kind of makes me think how every episode of Friends starts with “the one with” too make the names easier to remember… but I never remember them. And does it really matter? So, I had my […]

  • Into Perspective

    Yesterday I had a splurge day. It started with a ‘grande’ Hot Chocolate in the morning (the weather is about 25 degrees colder than this time last week… weird right?) combined with a little Baci thing… then lunch was Sweet and Sour Pork (although too heavy on the sweet!) and dinner was pizza… a FULL […]

  • Of bites, heat waves and plugins!

    Gah, it’s been a week, can you believe it? It’s been a horror week really… we’ve had 37+ degrees (celcius) every day and well I haven’t had the slightest inclination to post or be in the vicinity of the computer for that matter. Luckily we had a drastic change today and it’s more that bearable, […]