Of Wine and Customers

Today at work there was a farewell of sorts. The boss and previous owner of the company is somewhat retiring… well retiring from her full time position of running the place to a different part time position (haven’t really worked this one out). After work we had cake and wine (sparkling and ‘flat’ – as the new boss called it), recently I’ve been indulging in a drink every so often and wow how it hits me. Today I opted for ‘flat’ white and sipped it will eating cake. When I stood up to leave it had already gone to my head and I had to down some water to help me through my walk home.
I was so amazed at how differently my body reacts to alcohol now to 3 or so years ago. I really didn’t like it and it makes me feel glad that I’ve pretty much stopped drinking.

While at work yesterday I had to co-man the front counter for the day and although I really wished I didn’t have too (I like hiding at the back where I’m meant to be) it was really interesting to see how the customers react to the staff.
I mainly served the customers once they had decided (I really don’t have enough product knowledge to be able to suggest items to them) to pay and they told me the strangest things. Like how they were sorry for giving me that $50 note but they needed their change for paying for parking tomorrow and how it’s just so terrible that you have to pay for parking. Or how they were ever so concerned about their child’s progress in a subject but overall they were doing really well. They all emphasize that.
It kind of makes me feel like I missed something during school because my parents didn’t take an interest like that. Granted, at the time I didn’t much care ๐Ÿ˜›

Also yesterday I heard all these sirens going off and figured they were just passing by. But no, the hotel/bar/bottle shop across the road had been lit on fire… luckily it’s vacant and gutted. Apparently, 2 guys had a fight in the shopping centre across the road and 1 of them said he was going to kill the other… so the other went into the Inn and started a fire… yes, weird.
According to one news story:

ACT Fire Brigade District Officer Danny Brighenti said flames were coming out the front and back of the building by the time firefighters arrived

Which is totally untrue… there was only smoke billowing out and it was very uneventful. OK, slightly uneventful… everyone at work was having a stickybeak through the windows. Meanwhile, one customer, on her way out asked “Oh, is something on fire?” hmmm.

Of Baby Steps and Trends

I’ve made it to my first weight loss goal. I’m going in 5kg (11lbs) blocks and have another 5 of them to go… I’m finding it easier to have smaller goals because at least they come and go relatively quickly. I think I would have given up by now if I was only seeing the bigger picture. Although the reality that it’s going to take around 6 months makes me a bit sad.
It is nice to find that my pants are so big they fall off… kind of frustrating too. I can get pants in a big enough size but not a belt. I’m trying to think of alternatives.

Speaking of weird fashion trends, I think I hate them. Recently I’ve been looking for a new wallet as my old tatty one is falling to pieces (I realised today that I’ve had it for 7 years… can you believe that?) and now as I search for something new all I find is things I don’t like. Right now all womens wallets and purses are long and shiny! I want compact and cool… I wonder if a mans wallet would be right for me? Hmm.

Is there something you haven’t been able to part with and now can’t find a replacement you like? I have the issue with shoes too. Damn fashion changing constantly!

Of Reviews and Bargains

I’ve decided that I’d like to start every post with the word ‘Of’… so now I am ๐Ÿ™‚ It kind of makes me think how every episode of Friends starts with “the one with” too make the names easier to remember… but I never remember them. And does it really matter?

So, I had my 3 month review the other day… I’m a little disappointed, I thought I was going better than they think I am. Although it gives me the drive to try harder (not that I wasn’t… gosh, this job exhausts me! In a good way though) I am also kind of second guessing every decision I make. Trying to work out what it is that lets them down you know?
On the plus side, I have had the opportunity to do more of what I want and decide what other things I’d like too do. So hopefully I get to learn something new in the coming weeks! *fingers crossed*

On a high note of the last few days. I bought Veronica Mars Season 2 YAY! And it was CHEAP! Now I’ve bought season 1 and 2 for less than $50 combined! AND they’ve finally released season 3 here YAY! All 3 seasons have sold out when released and yet… it’s cancelled. So sad.

Tonight I just finished reading Size 12 is not fat by Meg Cabot… so silly! Yet so fun. Heather Wells is such fun and I can’t wait to read the next. Anyone read it? Maybe suggest something similar to me? Please? ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on all those blogs I have missed so dearly… be ready for comments my friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

Into Perspective

Yesterday I had a splurge day. It started with a ‘grande’ Hot Chocolate in the morning (the weather is about 25 degrees colder than this time last week… weird right?) combined with a little Baci thing… then lunch was Sweet and Sour Pork (although too heavy on the sweet!) and dinner was pizza… a FULL pizza (although, I forgot to ask for minus the capsicum ick). So yes, bad bad day but it did help me see just how much food can effect your wait.
I put on 500gms yesterday alone! Because of it I’ve actually put on weight this week rather than losing it… it makes me realise just why I got the way I did because I used to eat the above stuff every weekend if not a couple of days a week. It really has amazed me!

So, it’s put my weight loss stuff into perspective and given me a jolt of motivation when all I wanted to do is watch some DVDs ๐Ÿ™‚

Of bites, heat waves and plugins!

Gah, it’s been a week, can you believe it? It’s been a horror week really… we’ve had 37+ degrees (celcius) every day and well I haven’t had the slightest inclination to post or be in the vicinity of the computer for that matter. Luckily we had a drastic change today and it’s more that bearable, it’s lovely in fact!

There was so much in the week that was last. On the first day I was out on my nightly (except last week… I think I did it once!) walk minding my own business when I turn a corner and there is a cute little dog! It comes running for me and I think “aww, cute!” until it bit me that is!! Luckily it was only small and didn’t break the skin but I was still kinda annoyed… the owner didn’t even apologise *shakes fist*

Other things happened, obviously, but my brain kind of just blanked! I did, however, finally buy my Batman book today. Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor for much less than retail YAY! The cover is cool enough in itself but I’m excited too read it.

One thing I must ask my readers is this… at random times I’m unable to log into my WordPress. FF gives me an error that says it stopped trying to load WP because it was getting stuck in a loop. The only way to fix this is logout of WP (yes, it still logs me in although I can’t view anything), rename all of my plugins and try again. This then allows me to login and I can change the plugin names back and they work as if I never changed anything at all.
Any ideas on what would cause it or what I could do to fix it?