The humble life of a Pheasant Plucker

Can you hear that? Neither can I… It’s Oh So Quiet, but soon again.. shh shh… starts ANOTHER BIG RIOT! Hee, that song totally got into my head when I was thinking about this post. And well, it’s not so quiet right now because I’ve just you tubed that song (the original not that Bjork) and realised how awesome Betty Hutton (uh, who?) is! I did intend to listen to the Bjork one but, well… her clip is too shiny and colourful and I would never have finished the post…

… OK, so I did go watch it 😀 Awesome! But now I’m back to Betty and wondering what else of hers I can investigate.

So anyway, the point of this post being? A night alone! Sometimes it’s nice to get some time to yourself, especially after a big week. And it was a big week… I got an email address AND a name badge this week. Which isn’t too bad, after 3 months and all 😀

So tonight? Who knows… whatever I want! That’s the point right? What does everyone else get up too on a night to themselves?

5 responses to “The humble life of a Pheasant Plucker”

  1. Betty Hutton is awesome! You should get her songs "Murder, He Says", "Stuff Like That There" and "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief", although she's got tons more of awesome songs (like "A Bushel and A Peck" and anything from Annie Get Your Gun). You can read mroe about her (and listen to all of her songs and watch several of her movies) at her website,

  2. i love bjork, human behavior is my favorite song by her and her and portishead have a gorgeous song 'isabelle' which is just phenomenal, she's one of my favorite female artists ^_^

  3. There is honestly NOTHING I love more than a night alone at home without anyone to bother me. Doesn't happen much for me. So you're lucky!

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