Spark of Compassion?

Ha! Unlikely… well maybe a slight one. However unlikely it is 🙂

Tonight I was watching this Aussie show called Can We Help? People write in questions and the show answers them and generally there is a longer segment where they help find people from other people’s past.

Tonights ‘lost person’ was about a family who’s parents split in the 60’s or 70’s but never explained why to their kids so one of their ‘kids’ (he’s now in his 60s) decided to investigate and found out that their Dad actually fathered another child… and so we get to the lost person.

Enter lost person Bill who, wow, lovely man. I felt so sorry for him and the loneliness that had been his childhood. He was adopted to a family who brought him up but didn’t appear to love him. When he realised he was adopted he felt something click into place and changed his name back to his original name in hopes that his biological family would one day find him.

And find him they did. He was so… happy… joyful. Everything lovely. He just couldn’t believe his luck. That this miracle was happening to him. Such a lovely man. I felt so happy for him.

You can see the story here under: Lost and Found: Gordon Thompson.

It is strange to me though. I really don’t hold much importance in family. I don’t feel the need to be with someone or like someone because they share my genes. I’m sure this story would have had most people thinking about their lost families but I just thought about happy old Bill. Good for Bill.

Then I remembered that it’s nearly 2 years since seeing Dad… and all I could muster was relief. YAY to Bill and YAY to me for being happy 🙂

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