Talent! Less…

Over the weekend I saw all these amazing creations on Etsy and I realised that Etsy is a HUGE enemy… seriously, all these amazing things at insane prices all sitting there taunting me and my useless-ness.

I see all these things and just can’t fathom how someone goes about making most of them. They are just so amazing I feel lost as where to start. I love beading but I’m just confused about how to do anything! I want to make worthwhile pieces for friends and the public but I get stuck in the crapness of it all.

Where do people get these sparks of motivation to be so wonderful? I wonder if I’ll ever accomplish something so great people will wonder at how amazing my talent is? Doubtful, highly doubtful.

Then I think, what’s the point in anything if it all comes to nothing in the end? What’s the point in looking back at the nothingness of life?

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  1. I know what you mean about being unable to do something "amazing" yet exposing yourself to it all the time. I often feel the same way but in regards to other things (like web design or writing). I don't really know what to do except try; surely the people who create amazing things weren't always that good at what they do.

  2. I think the point is that you learn how to do those things, maybe, not entirely sure, but I understand how you feel. I hate all this creative stuff and you sit there and it boggles the mind how people come up with it and how you didn't think of it first. Drives me mental.

  3. I think people are always harder on themselves when it comes to their art work. At least that's what I found in my creative arts class. Just keep practicing and you're bound to get better.

  4. I love Etsy! It makes me want to be creative and make stuff.. But I'm too lazy for that. I never think my stuff is good enough to et on there.. I probably should try. Extra cash wouldn't hurt.

  5. Oh, I know! Etsy is so amazing. I feel very inadequate when I browse, but then I fall in love with the stuff and the feeling of disappointment because I can't afford any of it takes a higher priority.

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