Kitty hugs

Another month, another performance review… I seem to get lots of these… ok, 2 in 5 months which is more than most at my workplace it seems. Although, the upside is I seem to be one of 2 people getting pushed into more senior positions.
So it’s crunch time! The boss is on leave and so now all the eyes are on me (well, the big bosses are targeting the sales consultants so that’s good). Time to shine! Which I believe I will 🙂

On the home-front, we bought some new fish. It was a hard decision but I hope it is a good one. We ended up with 3 Silver Sharks and 1 Red Finned Shark… plus the feeder fish (I call him Feedy). Anyone know what breed of fish a small Feeder Fish is? I kinda wanna know how big he’ll get.

Ohh, cute cat who I now call Chesh is pretty much endlessly at our house. In fact, the weather outside is terrible and he’s sitting at the door. I wish I could bring him in but I can’t 🙁 I’m sorry Chesh… one day I’ll get a photo, he’s such an adorable (if weird) kitty… when I pick him up (he dashes inside whenever he gets the chance and refuses to leave) he swings himself around so that we’re face to face and his paws are around my neck like a hug! It’s so weird but kind of adorable!

Now I shall leave you as I go into another 3 day weekend YAY! If only I had some chocolate.

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