Lazy days of Nostalgia and Cold Feet

I am in the last hours of a long weekend. While I do enjoy long weekends they give me a false sense of security, as though I never have to go to work again, and then I remember it’s only a day longer although there is a lot you can fit into those days.

For example, this weekend I was slightly bored (but not taking it for advantage of course) and wondered what I could do. I did something I am generally inclined to do in one of these moods. I went to and skulked around looking for a game to play and something came out of the blue! Something, that I remember hating (probably because I was a sore loser) as a kid, I found Ludo! Oh my, it is so ruthless and EVIL! Ahahaha, I just love stomping on other peoples pieces just when they’re about to hit their safe zone… it totally satisfies that evil part of me.
The only issue I have, is that when playing multiplayer on King people tend to go light on you… and they APOLOGISE for squishing your piece… it doesn’t make it quite as fun when they avoid you on purpose.

Speaking of squashing people, over the weekend I found Evony, which is apparently a MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real time strategy game) where you build your little town and then eventually when tough enough you conquer!! Yeh! However, I’m only on day 3 and am yet to conquer anything ๐Ÿ™ but it is ALL online, mostly free and ever so pretty. If you happen to join, I’m on Server 12 as Kalliste… say hi ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, off I go to set myself up for conquering!

Getting by one letter at a time.

Today as I was plodding along, with my semi-cold, waiting for the day to end I came across an order and on that order was the Jolly Postman… I thought to myself how familiar that name sounded and suddenly it all came flooding back it was that book of my childhood that I loved and adored and thought was the most amazing book EVER (until I got my hands on Alice in Wonderland, ill. by Anthony Browne of course… speaking of, anyone have a copy? I’d love you forever if you’d make it mine!).
I couldn’t believe that this book of my childhood still existed and more so that I’d forgotten that it still existed. So I get onto ordering it and we actually have it in the store, yes FOR SALE! In fact, in the mini stocktake of April I probably scanned it *gasp*. I hunted and found it and alas, it was plastic sealed (for obvious reasons – if you’ve never read/seen the book it is about a postman who delivers letters from one nursery rhyme character to another and the letters are actual letters that you pull out of little envelopes on the pages).
Even though I did consider hiding it away in my bag and pretending it never existed I didn’t because that would be wrong… unfortunately it is now sitting next to my desk haunting me! Oh wells, maybe I’ll buy my own copy one day.

*nostalgic sigh* I was going to write more about other things but now I think I’ll dig up all those childhood titles that I loved so much…

… speaking of Grug has been re-released for his 25th birthday! Go Grug! Go see!