Getting by one letter at a time.

Today as I was plodding along, with my semi-cold, waiting for the day to end I came across an order and on that order was the Jolly Postman… I thought to myself how familiar that name sounded and suddenly it all came flooding back it was that book of my childhood that I loved and adored and thought was the most amazing book EVER (until I got my hands on Alice in Wonderland, ill. by Anthony Browne of course… speaking of, anyone have a copy? I’d love you forever if you’d make it mine!).
I couldn’t believe that this book of my childhood still existed and more so that I’d forgotten that it still existed. So I get onto ordering it and we actually have it in the store, yes FOR SALE! In fact, in the mini stocktake of April I probably scanned it *gasp*. I hunted and found it and alas, it was plastic sealed (for obvious reasons – if you’ve never read/seen the book it is about a postman who delivers letters from one nursery rhyme character to another and the letters are actual letters that you pull out of little envelopes on the pages).
Even though I did consider hiding it away in my bag and pretending it never existed I didn’t because that would be wrong… unfortunately it is now sitting next to my desk haunting me! Oh wells, maybe I’ll buy my own copy one day.

*nostalgic sigh* I was going to write more about other things but now I think I’ll dig up all those childhood titles that I loved so much…

… speaking of Grug has been re-released for his 25th birthday! Go Grug! Go see!

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