Disappointing Tapas

Last night I indulged in a work function… indulged may not generally be the right word but this function was a function I had to input my on fund into. It was a farewell at a bar that I would say thought it was cooler than it actually was. It was the Haha Bar. Need I say more? Well here is their website. Let the sad fairy help in your judgement.

So we went up to the shiny bar and decided on what to order. The all male staff hounded us to choose choose choose from the second we stepped into the place however when we did actually choose they were so. slow. Like slower than a turtle, like slower than watching paint dry and other slow things.

A colleague and I decided on cocktails to start the night an delicious sounding Chorizo Tapas (how to do pronounce that work? Tap-ass, tay-pass? It always just makes me think of the IT Crowd when they debate that very thing). So $20 down the drain and anticipation of delightful times ahead… 20 mins later and the cocktails are ready to go, YEAH! Mmm, I had a Nippon Nookie and it was pretty ok…. 20 minutes later and out cocktails are done with but where is the Chorizo? The staff asked us (the party) 3 times if we were waiting on food still… very organised. Eventually the Chorizo arrived and what did my $12 worth of Chorizo look like? 4 slices of sausage dipped in something cream coloured, topped with something chunky and red (Aioli and Tomato Relish apparently)… FOUR SLICES! For $12 I could have had nearly 16 slices of pizza! (more on a Tuesday)

And other than that they kept turning down the lights gradually every 30 minutes and I was constantly feeling like the table was a foot rest it was delightful… ok, it wasn’t. We ended up at Hungry Jacks (Burger King) after because we were all so starving! Not that it tasted much better but at least it cost a whole lot less!

Luckily there were good people there… even if all they/we did was talk about work.

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  1. $12 dollar for that? God, I hate it when I have to overpay for stuff like that. I think I would have gone to Burger King afterwards, as well.

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