It can do what??

Right now I’m at the onset of a cold and my nose won’t. stop. running. Obviously, at this point my tissues are my best friends. Which ones am I using? Oh yes, Kleenex Silk Touch. They’re new and meant to be the most softest and loveliest tissues ever to grace us mere mortals. They’re not.

The ad shows little kids touching super soft rabbit ears and snuggly blankets to demonstrate just how soft these tissues are. People wrapping themselves in blankets and just loving the silky softness of these new tissues.

Well, from someone that has used a 100 or so today the the ads are wrong!

Which makes me come to my point. The annoyance of misleading advertising. Especially if it’s blatantly incorrect.

Recently, I’ve been watching more commercial TV than normal (because Wipeout is just too addictive!) and I’m just so over the repetitive advertising. One such culprit is Kmart and their ‘new’ price promise. Which is just price matching other stores. When did this become new? And why do these annoying people seem so surprised that Kmart is Price matching? It’s been that way forever! Right? The ad gives you the impression this is something new and fancy but it’s the same old thing. They’re not more leniant than any other store they just word it so you’ll think it’s true.

The other ad? KFC. Yes, KFC and their ‘best chicken ever’. Seriously, they think they have the BEST chicken because a cook comes in and seasons it everyday – or so they say – in a lovely kitchen with ripe tomatoes all over he place. Yes, wholesome fun.

There is an exception to this ad saturation. One ad I love and could watch for possibly ever. It is the LG Plasma TV with Time machine… with ze mountain climb.

^ My first embedding video, woo! 🙂 – yes, it deserves it. I’m actually linking to an ad, can you believe it? I just love it that much. It just goes to show how good  (and bad) advertising can really be. It just depends how you go about it. I wish there more of the good kind though than the lying kind!

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