Fresh air

It’s a little known fact about me that I’m an avid fan of Sarah Dessen. I sometimes find that her storylines are all quite similar though but I like the formula so that’s ok.
Anyway, over the weekend I read something by her that is a little different. It is Dreamland. It is the story of a mid teens girl who’s big sister runs away on her birthday leaving everyone around her shattered. She was so perfect, why would she run away? So Caitlin (mid teens girl) perseveres to be everything her sister wasn’t and meets a mysterious new guy called Rogerson who is a delightful breath of fresh air and everything she hasn’t wanted before. But with Rogerson comes all his secrets which, unfortunately, the reader doesn’t get much of an insight into but the consequences hit Caitlin hard.

The reason I mention this is that finally I have read a decent YA novel. After quite a long time, it seems that all YA these days is supernatural and has to include a vampire or werewolf or witch.
I suppose it is ok but if I wanted that I’d read Stephanie Meyer (yawn), there doesn’t seem to be any originality anymore. I want something new and exciting. Something real and gritty.

This is what Dreamland gave me and now I’m kind of bored with everything else I have. My unread titles have one pre war title and one post war title… I’m considering re-reading my older Dessen 😀 I’m addicted again.

What do you suggest for a YA lover who wants something new and thought-provoking?

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  1. I've never read any books by Sarah Dessen; But by the description of that book, I'm starting to think I should. (:

    I've been reading Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, which has kept me entertained. It's really interesting and my dad already read it and said he liked it, hah.

    I too need more though provoking books to read.

  2. Have not been able to get into her books really at all although I have 2. I may try to read them again at a later date. Also wasn't dreamland a movie also?

  3. That's great that you found a book that you love. I don't know what YA stands for so I can't suggest anything for you. I'm currently reading the Twilight series so I guess I'm not much help to you anyway lol.

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