Left with scar tissue

Oh man, I’m going to be left with Scar Tissue after all this I just know it! After all what, you say? Reading Anthony Kiedis’ (of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) book Scar Tissue. I can’t help but wonder when the hurting stops.

I’ve soldiered on to about half way but its just. so. hard! I really can’t determine what Anthony wants me to get out of this book. Should I be sad for his junkie upbringing? Jealous of his success? I’m not sure.. all I know is I just can’t care about Anthony as much as Anthony cares about Anthony.

The only feeling I can express is annoyance. Annoyance that this pain in the arse, scum of the world type has made so much money without putting any effort in what so ever. He seems to be proud of telling us readers about how drug fucked he was from the time he was 11 up until… well I don’t know, at least mid twenties (that’s were I’m up to in this book now… only 20 years to go. help!) and how he wasn’t addicted to Heroin except that he had to sell everything and do anything just to get some each day. Not addicted… sure. Lets hope later in the book he admits to being a gross little junkie.

He also goes into much detail about all the lovely women in his life and how he cheated on each and everyone one of them even though he was desperately in love with them all. Meanwhile I try to suppress a yawn and wonder just how much longer this chapter of his life will go.

All in all, if you’re looking for a decent biography be sure to skip this one. It’s not worth your time.

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  1. Nice book review! I enjoyed it a lot. Sorry you don't like the book. I'm surprised you have stuck with reading it even though you hate it so much. That's impressive.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I normally don't go for autobiographies, as the authors have a tendency to glorify their faults – such as drug abuse. Hopefully you can get through the rest of it, 'cause leaving a book unfinished is frustrating! 🙂

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