I’ve got the remedy

Hee, so it seems a few people didn’t like my Christmas trash talk. My feed decreased by nearly 50%… that isn’t really saying much though heh.

Being that it is the holidays I tend to steer clear of shopping centres and as such I’m yet to buy some new cleanser. I ran out about 2 weeks ago and my face is feeling it! It is driving me a little crazy.

So last night after not being able to cope any longer I used my trusty friends the internet, and more specifically Google to tell me what to do.

They lead me onto facial scrubs made with baking/bi-carb soda and I thought ‘Wait, I have bi-carb soda!’ and it was ever so simple. Mix 3 parts bi-carb to 1 part water.

Now, I decided I’d take this a step or two further. Why use water when I have other natural skin helpers sitting in my kitchen? Why indeed? I ended up with a delicious smelling mix of bi-carb, honey and milk… unfortunately it didn’t taste quite as nice (no, I wasn’t eating it! Well, not intentionally anyway).
Then I smeared this gritty paste onto my face and waiting about 5 minutes (everyone said 10 but I wasn’t patient enough) and then massaged it a bit and washed it off.

And honestly? I was waiting for the burn or the rash but luckily I had neither and now my face is delightfully smooth and oil free!

With the success of my scrub behind me I looked in the mirror for something more that I can do and my unruly eyebrows stared back at me.

As a rule I would never put wax near my face unless I professional was in very close proximity but I suppose I was feeling reckless. I got that wax and trained those unruly brows and?

… I still have two of them… I really expected I’d be deformed for the next few weeks but fortunately the beauty angels are smiling on me today and I am rash free with two lovely eyebrows.

Ever feel the need to do something like this? Do you have any homemade remedies you couldn’t do without? Let me know, I’d really love to try them.

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  1. My mom is always getting home remedies off the internet (or telling me about ones she remembers from when she was young!) but I've never actually tried them.

    I'd be too chicken to wax my eyebrows myself! Have you ever tried threading? It's actually pretty easy to learn…

  2. That's awesome that your homemade face remedy worked. I think I would be too scared to try anything like that with my skin. As for the eyebrows, I just pluck them. I think they look pretty good, but of course they could look better if I wanted them to.

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