Hello Twenty-Ten

Initially, I wanted to have a post on 1/1/10 and write about the awesomeness of how Twenty-Ten sounds. Then I got lazy and remembered I don’t much care about the changing of the years and couldn’t much be bothered. As such my post is now dated 17/1/10. Not quite as cool.

I’m not really a new years resolution kind of person but I do like to think about what I’ll acheive in the coming year. I wanted a pay rise and in fact I have already accomplished that. Although, I didn’t get to negotiate it or anything. I should be super happy but instead I feel like they gave me some money to keep me quiet. I want to know why they chose the amount they chose, why am I only worth an additional $2500 a year when I have learnt and helped out so much? What was it that made them give me more money at all? I don’t know. The boss said “you’re getting a pay rise and this is how much, good?” and well… I wasn’t going to say no was I?

This year I want to work more on Lazily… yes, poor neglected Lazily. I’m hoping to learn more skills and be a more competent website owner.

Again, I want to lose some weight. I’m still 19KG from my goal weight, I wonder if I can lose at least another 10KG of that this year? Here’s hoping.

And… I don’t know what else I want. Happiness? I ask for that every year and never get it so perhaps I shouldn’t hope for it again.

What are you hoping to for in the next… however long? 🙂

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