What’s so special about water?

Today I needed a new bottle of water. I liked my old bottle but I left it on a shelf somewhere at work and can’t quite work out where that shelf was. So, alas, my water bottle is dead to me (good thing I only paid $1AUD for it).

So I’m walking down the drinks aisle at my local Coles and there is a HUGE section dedicated to bottled water ranging from $0.69 (which I bought but the check out chick charged me $0.99 for!) to something like $3 a bottle. Is there something that makes one bottle more special than another? Am I losing something for spending less? And what about when I start using tap water again?? *gasp*

As I trudged down this somewhat endless aisle I saw 600ml Mount Franklin water for $2.00 (if not more) and kept on walking. I then ended up seeing 1.25L of Mount Franklin Sparkling water for $1… huh? Does that make sense? Is sparkling water worth less than normal everyday water? It boggled my mind.

While I was there looking at my Sparkling Water I also considered the other ‘types’ of water on the shelves. Soda Water, Tonic Water, light Tonic Water, Mineral Water and Sparkling Water. Now, I’ve tried most of these and well, I just don’t get it. What, exactly, is the difference? They all taste like slightly salty, fizzy water. Is there a difference? Please, someone elighten me! All I want is something to mix with my Lemon, Lime & Bitters Cordial.

3 responses to “What’s so special about water?”

  1. I don't understand why there are so many different types of water either. I personally drink tap water when I need water. I couldn't image spending money on something I could easily get for free anywhere I go.

  2. water is water right? well we were in a restraint last week and got charged £4.95 for a bottle of water to have with dinner…… I mean that is ridiculously expensive!

    I wish I could tell you the difference between all the kinds of water, but I only drink still water….normally from a tap, or from my brita water filter jug!

    I guess we are lucky we have water so readily available, although I don't care if it has been purified through 6 layers of rock, or whatever, just so long as it quenches my thirst! X

  3. I think bottled water is wasteful, personally. It's good in dire situations, obviously. But on the regular, I prefer the tap. We have a great tap in Atlanta, though, so that helps.

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