Desperate, pathetic or both?

What makes people stoop to the lows they end up at? Ever seen someone have a melt down because they couldn’t have their morning coffee? Or when their last cigarette falls in a puddle? Or more importantly, ever seen what happens next? The attempted dry out of the cigarette or the quest for powdered milk.

Are these measure of desperation? Or are they the pathetic moves of an addict? I’m sure in the above scenarios many would be more sympathetic to the coffee drinker than the smoker but why? What makes one addiction more acceptable than another? and do our reactions differ based on the substance?

The reason I ponder this is a few days back a friend of mine didn’t have any cigarettes or any money. They had been cigarette free for 2 days and were on edge. It was pay day but the money wasn’t going in. They were getting more and more desperate for a cigarette as the minutes ticked by. For me, this makes me laugh. The idea that anyone could be addicted to a smelly stick that could give me cancer is crazy and yet, there are people that can’t imagine a world without them.

So what happened to my desperate friend? They found themself some rolling papers and old, discarded cigarette butts…. yuck.
And the fun part of the story? They smoked this grossness and their money went into the bank about 5 minutes later. HA!

Another addiction I don’t get is the WoW (World of Warcraft) fiends. My last housemate would claim she wasn’t really keen on WoW but spent most of her free minutes playing the game. She would wake up at about midday on a Sunday and I swear she didn’t move from her seat until midnight. I never knew a person that could sit in one spot for so long. So what could go so drastically wrong for this gamer that they would have a meltdown? We met our internet cap one month – which is a feat in itself. We had 200GB a month at the time – which meant dial up speeds for us. Uh Oh! What could be done? I suggested nothing be done because, although we were capped, it was the last day of the billing cycle. We would had 5 hours on dial up so who cares? She cares, that’s who! So she topped up our account with an additional 5GB just so that the WoW adventures wouldn’t end!

So now, I’m sure you’re asking, what is it that I am addicted too? What would make me have a tantrum if I didn’t have it? It is kind of embarrassing really, however many women around the world suffer my fate. Lipgloss. Yes, if I were free of lipgloss for more than 10 hours I might cry. The dry, cracking lips that hurt and yearn for some gloss! I don’t know what breaking point would be for me. Let me know readers. If I had lost my last lip gloss what could I do to ease the pain?

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  1. Running out of lip gloss would be one of the worst things to happen to me as well. I make sure I always have some somewhere. I remember times when I went to work and forgot to bring it. Those were the longest shifts ever. There's nothing that I could think of that would fix my sore lips and I would just keep licking them so keep them moist when in reality that only dries them out more.

  2. LOL! I completely get what you're saying because that's just like me. Currently I'm under alot of stress in highschool, so when a little thing goes wrong, i go ballistic. I overreact like crazy and it seems like to me the world hates me. Therefore, I begin to scream a long scream of curses when something happens, like i'm late and i dont have time to grab a frap from Starbucks. Sigh >< I'm a coffee addict.

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