The Rumour Mill

Oh wow, what a week! It has been exciting, boring, sad and hilarious. Sometimes it seemed like it would never end and other times I wondered where the time had gone.

It was a colleagues last week this week. Fortunately, she is only transferring but that means she will now be 7hrs drive away. It is a lovely opportunity for her but a big loss for me. She was a person that always supported me and was my favourite person to work with. So this week we had to do ours ‘lasts’. Last ‘new sale day’, last Pizza lunch, last drinks, last this and last that. With the final last being late last night when she dropped me home.

Her farewell was great with lots of inside jokes and fire for the rumour mill. It is quite well known at work that I have a tendency to make up the odd rumour here and there. Just to see who will believe them more than anything. Yesterday I convinced a male colleague that a different male colleague wore foundation to work because he was worried about wrinkles. This did only work because the apparent foundation wearing colleague has a tendency to go along with my stupid rumours. Basically, we are the rumour mill ๐Ÿ˜›

Moving along. Yesterday we bought a set top box! Hurrah! It is a long awaited return to digital TV and about double the amount of channels to watch. I will get to watch all the trashy shows I pretend to hate again. Yes!

So today is dedicated to finding out what is still on.

We’re Evolving

For the first time in the history of Lazily there is a comprehensive (well, comparatively speaking) “About” section, One for me (Mistress) and one for Lazily (Domainatrix). Tell me if you think the name Domainatrix is clever or stupid by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

Writing Mistress was actually quite hard, I just don’t know what to write about me. What do people want to know that is of any interest? Generally, I don’t find myself overly interesting so it makes it hard.

Also, I’ve been playing with WP plugins. Now I can see what you do and when you do it (insert evil laugh here). Yes, I’ve added some stats and a who’s online plugin. All very neat! I love seeing where my audience is from, apparently I should be nice to east coast Americans and… somewhere that I think is in Europe – yes, yes I suck at geography ok! I’m sorry Europeans, tell me where you’re from and I’ll be super nice – all very exciting!

I’m also looking into a few more tweaks and such. I’m having a lot of fun with it really. Let me know if there is a plugin you can’t live without and I’ll check it out.

And lastly, I’m guessing you guys don’t like long posts… previous post wasn’t well received and yet, I was so proud! Oh well, back to the less serious things in live it seems.

Pieces of Beauty

Over the last week (2 weeks now! My site was down *cries*). I started and finished two very amazing and also very different books. Which is no surprise, considering one was a young adult novel and the other a memoir.

A few weeks back I was about to check out all the books I was carrying and ‘The life of Akmal’ caught my eye. Mainly because I had seen Akmal Saleh on a few shows and comedy festivals and figured it would be a fun ride of a book. I was actually very surprised though! In a good way. It was funny, he has a great voice in telling stories from his life but it was also finding out about his upbringing that I ended up finding the most interesting.

The first part of the book is about his upbringing in Egypt and the customs and traditions that good religious people must follow. It then moves to their migration to Australia. The difficulties in learning and his need for popularity. Mainly, his struggle to find himself and enjoy that person.

Unfortunately, the book didn’t keep going in this way and as he found himself getting more involved in the comedy the less we found out about his family. I think this was a major let down in the book. I wanted to know more about his mother and brother and, most importantly, his wife! He mentions her in the acknolwedgements at the end of the book but never discusses her throughout the book. I really would have preferred more about him than his career.

That being said, the beginning was so wonderful and his narration kept me interested. So interested that I read the book in less than a day.

Funnily enough, the other book which I expected to finish so quickly took about about 4 or 5 days. It was pure agony. I couldn’t believe a book I had anticipated for so long could be so hard to read and yet not. I don’t know what it was but reading Melina Marchetta’s “The Piper’s Son” took me a really long time… where Marchetta is concerned – although I never did finish Finikin of the Rock – because I love every word she writes. And really The Piper’s Son was no different.

One thing I wish were different though? That this book had been about Jimmy Hailer instead. The Piper’s Son is a sequel of sorts to Saving francesca and focuses on one of the characters from that book and his struggles after his life as he knows it falls apart. I love the coming together of all these characters again and the akwardness because so long (5 years) has past but wounds haven’t been healed.

I felt though, that it was too similar to Saving Francesca except with a different main character. Very formulaic, very Sarah Dessen (not that there is anything wrong with that. I love Dessen! Her books are all very similar though). Maybe it is because I had always wished this book would happen but I always wished we would be delving into Jimmy’s life instead.

I know this isn’t sounding overly positive but it really was a wonderful experience. Even if just to read something new from Marchetta. She has an excellent style and her characters feel so real.

All in all, I hope for more from Marchetta and perhaps a third out of this series… ABOUT JIMMY! Please.

More information on these and more of the books I’ve read this year can be found on my 210 of 2010 page. I’m really doing it!

Hello World!

Edit: You can hear me! And for the first time in a week I have been able to access Lazily from home. So what happened? Apparently my hosts host got hacked and everything went haywire. Rerun were onto it though and fixed much of everything in about 3 or 4 days (over the easter long weekend no less!). However, little Lazily didn’t come back, not for me anyway. I was incredibly concerned as many other people could access Lazily but just not me. I thought I was doomed!

Then out of the mist came my site monitor saying ‘Uh, your shit is down! And has been for 24 hours’ so I wasn’t the only one blind to Lazily. Re-emailed my host and asked what is up? Host looked into it more and BAM! Fixed a corrupted something or other and Lazily is open to the world again. Phew.

Earlier that day:

Can you hear me?

The site has been down for a week now but my host assures me all is good to go now. Now, lets hope I can access the site at home. Keep your fingers crossed for me.