The Rumour Mill

Oh wow, what a week! It has been exciting, boring, sad and hilarious. Sometimes it seemed like it would never end and other times I wondered where the time had gone.

It was a colleagues last week this week. Fortunately, she is only transferring but that means she will now be 7hrs drive away. It is a lovely opportunity for her but a big loss for me. She was a person that always supported me and was my favourite person to work with. So this week we had to do ours ‘lasts’. Last ‘new sale day’, last Pizza lunch, last drinks, last this and last that. With the final last being late last night when she dropped me home.

Her farewell was great with lots of inside jokes and fire for the rumour mill. It is quite well known at work that I have a tendency to make up the odd rumour here and there. Just to see who will believe them more than anything. Yesterday I convinced a male colleague that a different male colleague wore foundation to work because he was worried about wrinkles. This did only work because the apparent foundation wearing colleague has a tendency to go along with my stupid rumours. Basically, we are the rumour mill 😛

Moving along. Yesterday we bought a set top box! Hurrah! It is a long awaited return to digital TV and about double the amount of channels to watch. I will get to watch all the trashy shows I pretend to hate again. Yes!

So today is dedicated to finding out what is still on.

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  1. I hate it when your favorite person to work with leaves you to work alone. I've had that happen many times. But hopefully you will find someone new to love.

    Yay for more channels. I miss having TV. There are so many shows I would love to be able to watch. Enjoy!

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