Food For Thought

Today I’ve have some strange thoughts appear in my head and thought I would share 5 of them with you. Some ranty, some quirky. Let me know your opinion. I think some of these will be expanded into posts in the not to distant future.

1. Scarf for a hood
Why is it that people are anti hooded scarf? I bought one last winter (and have whipped it out for the first time today) and J won’t let me wear it in public. It has been banned to home use only. I really don’t get it. I’m combining a beanie and a scarf but better! Come on people, it’s not like it’s the blanket with sleeves!

2. Nosey Neighbours

so one of my neighbours loves a chat. Maybe she isn’t nosey, I think she might actually be deprived of adult conversation (she lives in a 2 bedroom flat with her 2 kids) and on occasion traps me in the stairwell. I feel so cornered at these times. While I don’t have a problem with her I just want to go home or go out or where ever. I’m sorry nosey neighbour but I’m not a neighbourly love kind of gal.

3. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I have too.
As I get older a question that I hear more and more often from acquaintances is “So, do you have any kids?” and when my answer is a resounding “NO!” their reply is “Why Not?” or “When do you plan too?”. Just because I happen to have 2 “X” Chromosomes I am expected to want a white wedding and them promptly start popping out babies. Well you know what? I couldn’t think of anything worse! Even the idea of pregnancy repulses me… I don’t understand why we try to nurture our unborn children when they cause hormonal changes, cravings and morning sickness yet if any other ‘parasite’ caused these side effects then we’d do what we could to kill it! And swiftly.

4. Childhood nostalgia let-down.
Today I indulged in my first potato chip/crisp sandwich in about 10 years. What’s more I added Nutella too it, which I haven’t done for 20 years (yikes, I feel old!) and surprisingly, it was pretty good! I didn’t take my first bite and feel I’d made a huge mistake. Why is it though that our childhood loves generally don’t work out this way? I remember when the Jetson’s finally came out of DVD I reminisced about how much I loved that show when I was a kid (although, it wasn’t as good as the Snorks! but then, what was? Only the Samurai Pizza Cats comes to mind) so I bought as soon as possible. I got home and turned it on, only to find out that George was a sexist pig and that the show wasn’t really as entertaining as I had always thought. I didn’t even get through a third of the episodes, so disgusted as I was with George… and yet, if it happens to be on TV I still think “Ooh, I love that show” only to remember that actually, my 5 year old self loved that show and only because she didn’t understand it.

5. A little young for me.
As you all know I am an adult that makes no secret of her love for Young Adult Fiction where the main characters are generally 16 or 17 and learning something from life. Yesterday, I saw a book that looked very interesting, good idea and a great cover (and yes, that is important! I’m sorry but I’m drawn to shiny, textured covers) but then I found out the main character was 14 and thought that maybe that was a bit too young. So I got to thinking, is there a too young? I’ve read adult books with younger main characters so does age really matter?

3 responses to “Food For Thought”

  1. 1. I don't even know what you're talking about

    2. I know a few people who can talk for HOURS without realizing that you might want to leave. They don't pick up on social, "see ya later" cues, and they don't seem to realize that what they're talking about is about as boring as watching an episode of grandma reality tv would be. (or at least my grandma. Maybe some grandmas live wicked lives, I dunno.) Hmm. I like this idea for a blog topic…

    3. You're 26 and you're already getting asked that?! EEK!

    4. I get this a lot with people from my childhood. I'll remember some old uncle or something as a really cool guy, and then I'll meet him as an adult and be shocked and saddened to learn that he's totally human: Issues and all.

    5. It doesn't matter. I used to worry about that, but as long as it's well written, it's ok.

    Flame Trees of Thika: Character is 7 or 8. Still a great book.

  2. Hello ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow, they are some random thoughts! I think I have a clue about the first one though, wouldn't it look a little.. Musilum ? Is that the religion.. The women that wear the hood over their heads that also hang over their shoulders? Perhaps I have the wrong image in mind.

    I'm still pretty young when it comes to #3 & 4..

    Although the length of my current relationship over the length of other teenage relationships over pregnancy, it's probably a shock I don't already have 2 kids under my belt. I would love to have kids at a young age. But I would also love a career and a house under my belt. Haha.

    Chip sandwhiches?.. with Nutella? I must try. I haven't had a chip sandwhich in AGES! Although we put marmite on 'em. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I don't read books made for teens often. I think the last I read was Inkheart/Ink spell.

    Then again, I haven't read books in awhile. I'm hoping with my new work hours (NOT 71 hours a week! Yay!) I can get some reading in. I miss reading, I also used to be a book worm! Oh to fall into a book again… *sighs*

    $3000 a year for rent. Give or take. $60 a week. For "The books" I'm on $37150 or something random. But I only physically get in my bank $34000.

    You pay that amount in 2 months? Yesh.. then again, I think it's also common around here, but that's the perks of being a farmer, either cheap rent, or free rent. I also get a $70 power allowance on TOP of my salary. So if my power for the month is $70 or under, I don't have to pay anything.

    Wow. I've only been to your site once and this is the longest comment I've ever left. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Haha, people also ask me the same question if I have kids/babies and they tell me the same things. Well, can't blame them though because I'm old (well I'm 28+). As for me, it's a big responsibility and should be planned out

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