Month: June 2010

  • History in the making

    Today, for the first time in Australian history we have a female prime minister. It is a fairly big event but I can’t help but be let down. The media is making a huge deal out of it but really, we didn’t vote for her, the Labor party voted for her. I think I’ll be […]

  • The thoughts of 3

    Occasionally over the last few days I’ve wanted to blog about something but never found the time. currently, these thoughts are compounding and soon I’m sure I’ll lose them. So, I bring you a post split into 3. Post #1 – Dear KFC, Why do you suck? Dear KFC staff, Why is it that every […]

  • Websites are hard mkay?

    This week I’ve learnt and also, frustratingly not learnt, how to do some new things on the world of the web. Recently, my partner decided he wanted a website (again) and so we got to work on it and here is where we have gotten currently. He also has a forum attached which is phpBB. […]

  • How very villainous!

    Fingersmith by Sarah Waters My rating: 5 of 5 stars Oh my, what deviousness this is! Oh my, how I loved it! I’ve read a few reviews stating how boring this book was but I never felt that. I didn’t mind that the same scenes were re-discovered in the point of view of a different […]

  • A little in between

    Today I have felt a bit off, a bit not quite right and a bit in between. I don’t know why but I spent the afternoon in a daze of half conscious-ness and stupid mistakes. For some reason I feel what I can only explain as a mix of jealous loss… I don’t ask me […]