The thoughts of 3

Occasionally over the last few days I’ve wanted to blog about something but never found the time. currently, these thoughts are compounding and soon I’m sure I’ll lose them. So, I bring you a post split into 3.

Post #1 – Dear KFC, Why do you suck?

Dear KFC staff,

Why is it that every time I go to KFC the service is slow. Were I at another fast food place it would take 5 minutes but at KFC it will take 15 and my food will cost more!

I’m sure your answer will be something along the lines of why don’t I piss off and go else where. Well, I should. Unfortunately, KFC is quite conveniently placed for me and some times I will be starving and my stomach will say to my brain “KFC?” and my brain being so starved of energy will say “Oh my yes! I want chips!!” and so we walk down.

Then both the stomach and the brain curse themselves and think “Argh, KFC service is bad!! Damnit!” but we’ve been waiting in 10 minutes by that time so we stay. So we are left with the staff who have to check 3 times that I’m still missing my large chips or my burger and forget to give me my drink.

It kind of fascinates me that KFC somehow consistently hires the worst of the worst. How are they so efficient at this and yet efficient at nothing else? I wonder if they pay less (if that is actually possible).

So I ask, if there are any KFC staff out there who would like to defend themselves, please do. Don’t worry, I’m aware the internet can be a little complex for you and it is ok if you can’t decipher how to comment. I understand. You do work at KFC after all.

Post #2 – A fondue date

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a day off from work. One of my colleagues also had a day off and we met up at the mall. She had bought my some deliciousness from a Sydney bakery the day before and kindly offered to bring them in on Friday.

So we shopped a little and she offered to make me lunch! It was such a kind gesture something that I’ve very rarely experienced.

She was an incredible host, to the point where I felt guilty about the very little that I helped. She wouldn’t let me cook or clean and kept my drink filled to the brim. Her choice of lunch was this cheesy deliciousness that kind of resembled fondue but had mushrooms and bacon in it. All in all, wonderful!

I felt touched that she would take the time to do all that for me.

Post #3 – Uhh, Chicken feet?

One of my friends has been overseas for a month and before that transferred to Melbourne to work so I haven’t seen her in about 2 months. She flew back in yesterday and so we promptly arranged lunch.

So today, I had my very first Yum Cha experience. It was nothing like I had expected and was quite fun. I loved that every 5 mins or so staff came out with a new mysterious selection of dishes to try. Luckily, I was with some Yum Cha experts and my friends (the one from the previous post and the one mentioned here – sisters in fact) spoke the same language as the staff which made everything easy.

I didn’t recognise any of the foods and it felt like a lucky dip. I felt very daring as I tried nearly everything (and even drank the tea! I’m kind of anti-tea) but couldn’t come at the chickens feet or something with Scallops on top… but only because I don’t like scallops ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only did we have a lovely lunch but my friend had brought back souvenirs! – YAY! – and I now have some chocolate from different parts of Europe among other things. Like a very neat keyring! It’s the first souvenir keyring that wasn’t crap ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually transferred my keys onto it the first opportunity I got.

It was great having her back but she leaves again in 3 days!! It doesn’t feel like enough.

At least I got to share my virgin Yum cha experience with her ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Over here KFC isn't half bad because it's situated at the airport – therefore it's a bit important that the service there is efficient :p – but yes, the food does take longer than waiting at burger king or mc donalds heh. I always find myself at the mc donald's drive tru because i'm in & out in less than 10 minutes =)

    ahhh your colleague is so sweet for making you lunch! It's quite a rarity to find such nice people nowadays, isn't it? ๐Ÿ™

  2. Gah, all the McDonalds around here are like that. I worked at Wendy's for years and we would fire anyone that made service that crap pronto.

    One time at about 3am I went to a McDonalds and I am not making this up.. I waited in the drive thru for THIRTY MINUTES. After about 15 minutes we just loled and sat there to see how long it would take just for fun. We were bored and it was slightly hilarious. They gave us free stuff in the end and the food was fresh.. it was interesting.

  3. Occasionally, my family would go there for Sunday dinner since it's one of the few things my Mom and Dad can agree on. EVERY time we went, they would run out of extra crispy chicken breasts. NEVER any other piece, just those. I went off once, joking, of course, on the guy. I asked him, do they NEVER look around and say 'oh, hey, it's Sunday, it's 5:30, and we have two extra crispy chicken breasts. maybe we should start cooking some more NOW?'

    I got a free cake for that.

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