Month: June 2011

  • Mmm… Russian de ja vu

    For the last few weeks we have been doing out of hours training. Even though it is out of hours i didn’t mind initially but then it turns out it is on team viewer and hosted by a russian guy called Albert. I keep wanting to call him Boris, is that racist? It feels like […]

  • I can do this from anywhere

    … literally. I just set up post by email. Anyone looking to do it might want to think about why they want to do it because, really, it might be easier just to login to wordpress. I thought it would be neat to post from my phone because my best ideas happen on the bus […]

  • Reviewed: Stresshead

    Stresshead by Allayne Webster My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is an easy, afternoon read. I didn’t realise how quickly I was getting through it. Stresshead is the story of Den (Denise) who is from a family of lawyers and is always stressing and worrying about pretty much anything and everything and then she […]