Reviewed: Stresshead

StressheadStresshead by Allayne Webster
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an easy, afternoon read. I didn’t realise how quickly I was getting through it.

Stresshead is the story of Den (Denise) who is from a family of lawyers and is always stressing and worrying about pretty much anything and everything and then she gets something important to worry about and begins to think about what really matters in life.

I’m not sure I really liked Den too much, mainly because of her stressing and worrying about absolutely everything but the supporting characters were great. That is a trend with me though. I rarely ever like main characters.

The book in some parts felt a bit rushed, it would have been great to have more time spent with the supporting characters to see them for themselves rather than just extensions of Den.

A good ready for teenagers who always think everything is the end of the world.

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