It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too.

Yes, I know that is slightly wrong but given that it is my birthday I don’t care ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I haven’t been crying but there have been some let downs with this birthday. I took 2 days off work so I could have a 4 day weekend YEAH!. Yesterday it was cold and rainy which I got caught in and ended up soaked. Not only that but I had this mouth wateringly delicious burger… what could be wrong with that? Well, it gave me mild food poisoning… woo.

So after the incredible stomach cramps and all round discomfort I thought today would be better. I woke up and my stomach was ready for a birthday feast but then I realised I could barely breath and my throat was slightly sore. I was optimistic and though I just needed a drink and such but no, I have a cold! On my birthday!

I suppose the plus side is that I can’t recall any other birthday that I was sick and given the time of year (it’s winter here) I guess that is pretty lucky.

Although, did I mention I have my period, 2nd time in a row. Normal cycle or less lucky?

Anyway, here is the chance to leave me money and cash while I go take a nap.

Back on the horse or bike…

Or whatever that saying is.

I’ve started my weight loss journey… again. I tend to get back up to approximately the same weight and decide it is time to start losing again. If only I wasn’t so predictably lazy. I am really trying this time, up until 3 days ago I hadn’t eaten a piece of chocolate in a month. A MONTH! And then I did… and it was kind of disappointing. I ruined my record and in the end wished I hadn’t. On the plus side, I think my cravings are gone.

That being said, I’m pretty sure I overloaded on calories last night. Damn work and their bar tabs! And possibly something to do with the irresistable taste of Vodka and Raspberry. Why does it have to taste so non-alcoholic, why?!?

Up until yesterday, I had lost 2.1KG (4.6lbs) in 2 weeks. Lets hope I didn’t break it yesterday.

I have increased my exercise to 3 workout days. One of which is Saturday, which then includes 3 workouts of its own. I’ve also cut out a lot of my diet which makes me a bit sad. Anyone gone through this? I’d love your input on what I should eat. I’ve been getting a bit depressed about the lack of awesomeness in my diet these days. I feel trapped by lettuce most days. Help!