It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too.

Yes, I know that is slightly wrong but given that it is my birthday I don’t care 🙂

So, I haven’t been crying but there have been some let downs with this birthday. I took 2 days off work so I could have a 4 day weekend YEAH!. Yesterday it was cold and rainy which I got caught in and ended up soaked. Not only that but I had this mouth wateringly delicious burger… what could be wrong with that? Well, it gave me mild food poisoning… woo.

So after the incredible stomach cramps and all round discomfort I thought today would be better. I woke up and my stomach was ready for a birthday feast but then I realised I could barely breath and my throat was slightly sore. I was optimistic and though I just needed a drink and such but no, I have a cold! On my birthday!

I suppose the plus side is that I can’t recall any other birthday that I was sick and given the time of year (it’s winter here) I guess that is pretty lucky.

Although, did I mention I have my period, 2nd time in a row. Normal cycle or less lucky?

Anyway, here is the chance to leave me money and cash while I go take a nap.

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  1. Happy birthday, Kalliste! Get well soon, and then go have a belated drink.

    Being sick on your birthday sucks. I’d certainly complain if I were sick on my birthday.

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