It’s my Mum’s party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Last night was my Mum’s 50th birthday party and as a dutiful daughter I went to the party even though I knew it’d be full of relatives and family friends I haven’t seen in 10, 15 and even 20 years. To say I was dreading this party was an understatement. All I could think of was all the ‘Oh, I’ve heard so much about you”, “The last time I saw you, you were this big” “Wow, haven’t you grown up, what are you doing now?” comments I’d be hearing that night.

I know most people wouldn’t find this to be an issue but most people also love family reunions and finding out what has been happening with their long lost cousins and aunts. Me, if I were interested in that stuff or these people I’d have contacted them a long time ago so, mostly, it was like a little slice of torture.

It started fairly early, people I’d never met, people I hadn’t seen in ages and people I didn’t even remember all asking how I was going and where was I living, what did I do for a job and being in an IT related job people either try and talk about stuff they don’t know or have no idea what to say.

As I’m not really the most social person, awkward silences happened pretty fast in the conversations until they made excuses to go elsewhere.

So, what does a person do in this situation? Well, if you’re me you stay for an hour or so and then you sneak away out the back door and hope no one notices. 

It was so weird seeing all these little slices of my life all in one room, it made me feel like I was 10 again, at a family friends house for dinner, bored and waiting to go home. I assumed as I grew up, these events would become easier (especially with the addition of alcohol, granted I didn’t drink any last night) apparently not. I felt like the same kid, eating chicken schnitzel with someone telling me how much my Mum talks about me.

All in all, it was good to get out (plus we went to Goodberry’s for an after torture snack – Chocolate concrete with Cheesecake and Oreo, oh yeah!) even if I’m sure to feel my Mum’s wrath for the next few weeks.

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too.

Yes, I know that is slightly wrong but given that it is my birthday I don’t care ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I haven’t been crying but there have been some let downs with this birthday. I took 2 days off work so I could have a 4 day weekend YEAH!. Yesterday it was cold and rainy which I got caught in and ended up soaked. Not only that but I had this mouth wateringly delicious burger… what could be wrong with that? Well, it gave me mild food poisoning… woo.

So after the incredible stomach cramps and all round discomfort I thought today would be better. I woke up and my stomach was ready for a birthday feast but then I realised I could barely breath and my throat was slightly sore. I was optimistic and though I just needed a drink and such but no, I have a cold! On my birthday!

I suppose the plus side is that I can’t recall any other birthday that I was sick and given the time of year (it’s winter here) I guess that is pretty lucky.

Although, did I mention I have my period, 2nd time in a row. Normal cycle or less lucky?

Anyway, here is the chance to leave me money and cash while I go take a nap.

What a day/week/month


I wasn’t sure if this week, or weeks, would end! It has been an incredible rollercoaster that I’ve been on in the past 2 weeks. The ups were full of stomach butterflies and the downs were full of… stomach butterflies but bigger mean ones.

I have survived it though and here I am on a Sunday afternoon sipping some citrus delicious green tea and realising that my very favourite mug is chipped… oh well.

So, I have this incredible urge to format this post in ‘YAY versus ‘BOO’ mode and as such… I will.

I had a great 27th birthday filled with unexpected gifts! Including some delicious brownies, though don’t get me wrong they weren’t ‘special’ just yum – YAY!

My period was late and my birthday began with dread and thoughts of being with child *shudder* – BOO!

My period was one of my unexpected gifts! (TMI? Because, really biggest YAY there was – well, until this point anyway) – YAY!

I missed getting a phone/real interview with a very possible job prospect because my ‘interviewer’ was sick!! Seriously, she called me and I had to re-schedule and she didn’t tell anyone!! – BOO!

I interviewed for a job for a web hosting company!!! Awesome right? I didn’t know there was one in my city! – YAY!

I wore incredibly wonderful, but incredibly high and painful boots to that interview and butchered my poor feet! Blisters half the size of pinky toes *cries* – BOO!

I got the job! Hurrah, I start in 2 weeks… I’ve known for more than a week now, it was the hardest secret to keep from my colleagues. No more secrets now though – YAY!

A certain consultant at my work made me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork! They are one of the reasons I accepted the job… and the boss knows muahahahaha! Unfortunately, the very thought of him makes me still want to do the fork thing. BOO!

Said colleague relies on me, pretty much completely! And I leave in 2 weeks. Take that punk! (too mean?) – YAY!

My website got hacked. It has never happened to me EVER and for some reason I couldn’t find a copy of my index.php so I had to wing it. Why do people do that? I have a harmless blog damnit! Die hackers! (will this attract them to me?) – BOO!

The lovely Jana saved me. Yes, I am a hosting refugee – it’s too bad as my host has big opportunities but the sites just keep going down – but that is ok, thankfully even though there are hackers in the world there are also lovely people! – YAY!

I think I’ll leave it on a happy note but mention that my local DVD place still hasn’t got my reserved copy of ‘Kick Ass’ ready and the pay phone ate my money!

It’s ok though because I have a fixed site and some citrus delicious tea.