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I wasn’t sure if this week, or weeks, would end! It has been an incredible rollercoaster that I’ve been on in the past 2 weeks. The ups were full of stomach butterflies and the downs were full of… stomach butterflies but bigger mean ones.

I have survived it though and here I am on a Sunday afternoon sipping some citrus delicious green tea and realising that my very favourite mug is chipped… oh well.

So, I have this incredible urge to format this post in ‘YAY versus ‘BOO’ mode and as such… I will.

I had a great 27th birthday filled with unexpected gifts! Including some delicious brownies, though don’t get me wrong they weren’t ‘special’ just yum – YAY!

My period was late and my birthday began with dread and thoughts of being with child *shudder* – BOO!

My period was one of my unexpected gifts! (TMI? Because, really biggest YAY there was – well, until this point anyway) – YAY!

I missed getting a phone/real interview with a very possible job prospect because my ‘interviewer’ was sick!! Seriously, she called me and I had to re-schedule and she didn’t tell anyone!! – BOO!

I interviewed for a job for a web hosting company!!! Awesome right? I didn’t know there was one in my city! – YAY!

I wore incredibly wonderful, but incredibly high and painful boots to that interview and butchered my poor feet! Blisters half the size of pinky toes *cries* – BOO!

I got the job! Hurrah, I start in 2 weeks… I’ve known for more than a week now, it was the hardest secret to keep from my colleagues. No more secrets now though – YAY!

A certain consultant at my work made me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork! They are one of the reasons I accepted the job… and the boss knows muahahahaha! Unfortunately, the very thought of him makes me still want to do the fork thing. BOO!

Said colleague relies on me, pretty much completely! And I leave in 2 weeks. Take that punk! (too mean?) – YAY!

My website got hacked. It has never happened to me EVER and for some reason I couldn’t find a copy of my index.php so I had to wing it. Why do people do that? I have a harmless blog damnit! Die hackers! (will this attract them to me?) – BOO!

The lovely Jana saved me. Yes, I am a hosting refugee – it’s too bad as my host has big opportunities but the sites just keep going down – but that is ok, thankfully even though there are hackers in the world there are also lovely people! – YAY!

I think I’ll leave it on a happy note but mention that my local DVD place still hasn’t got my reserved copy of ‘Kick Ass’ ready and the pay phone ate my money!

It’s ok though because I have a fixed site and some citrus delicious tea.

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  1. YAYYY I’M THE FIRST TO COMMENTTT! I’m sorry that you have issues with your father. :/ That letter made feel sorry for what you’re going through, but you said that you don’t really think much of him anyway. So sorry to hear that your father wasn’t much of one. :/

    Oh yummmy, I’m drinking apple cider right now, but I love green tea!

    Reallly interesting blogging format. Happy belated 27th birthday! I love brownies! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Never had “special” brownies before, so haha, but I like that you threw that in there..that they aren’t special brownies.

    Congrats on gettting the job!! Which hosting company is this? & Yay for not being with child when you’re not ready. haha I’m pretty sure if I ended up being with child, my bf would freak out. I would freak out, my career would go down the drain!!

    Sorry to hear you got hacked though. Eep, I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. Gah, well my password is pretty secure so…I don’t know. It’s weird though, I’ve seen a bunch of people getting hacked lately. I’m going to ahead & make a full back up of my site again. hahaa.

  2. Congrats on the new job! Sometimes it’s good to have a change. Sorry to hear your site got hacked; been there, done that, and it sucked every time :P.

  3. Thank you for visiting my site, and yes you can be on staff. I’ll have all the details sorted this week. Thank you so much for the offer. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well congrats on getting the job! I too found out we have a hosting company here in my city, unfortunatly they require so much experience, and I don’t qualify, but congrats to you! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i’m sorry to hear your site got hacked, I don’t know why anyone would do that, I guess some people have nothing better to do than to ruin it for others.
    Happy Belated 27th birthday by the way! I hope you had a blast. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Tea sounds so good right now! I’ll be enjoying some sweet tea in a moment. YUM!

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