Ciao for Now (or ever)

It turns out my motivation at completing writing prompts is pretty low.

In the beginning of the month I was going to do a bunch of the posts and liked the ideas and then it never happened.

Early in October I went to Melbourne and I was going to blog about the adventure but I didn’t do that either. Melbourne was great, the coming home part was less great. At the time I left for Melbourne there were a few things happening that I’d like to have shut my eyes, blocked my ears and pretended weren’t happening. Somehow, going away I was able to leave the issues behind me and have fun in the hustle and bustle of the city. I spent 2 days just wandering around and looking at what Melbourne had to show me, I felt free and light and not rushed or bound by someone (or something – work) elses constraints. Able to do what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted without feel liking I had to be somewhere.

In contrast, I came home to the deafening silence of my house, it engulfed me and made me remember all the things I’d left behind. At that point, posting about the trip was going to make me sad so I didn’t do it. Then I didn’t do it the week after that or the week after that. By that point I didn’t particularly want to post about anything and that hasn’t really changed.

I’ve owned my domain for 8.5 years now and I have archives of  6 of those but I can’t see myself sitting down and reading back through all those posts, they don’t really serve much of a purpose. I feel like the days of a blog like mine whose main reason for existence is to post random things about life for fun rather than for profit are pretty much over. Everything now is about how perfectly formed the words are and how pretty the photos, in hopes someone will want to pin them on one of their Pinterest boards, about showing a shiny perfect life where houses are immaculate, kids are never a pain in the arse and, in many instances, husbands are made the butt of jokes.

I miss the times when only people who understood how the internet and coding worked had websites and they were made because it was fun to show what you could create and have fun with similar people. Now everything looks the same, and free/pre-made themes are everywhere – I think I’ve seen the one I’m using on 4 or 5 sites. It seems like the originality that used to be abundant is pretty much gone.

So I’ve been thinking about the last time I had fun blogging and I really can’t remember, probably back when I used to make my own themes (we’re talking years here) and didn’t feel like I needed to have polished words for my blog to count. For that reason I’ve decided to stop blogging. It could be for a week, a month or forever, I don’t know. Until which point I can see it being fun instead of being a chore.

Easier to handle

If you’re keeping up with my blog you will have noticed that my last 2 posts were book reviews. You might also have noticed I have rarely done this in the past. Well, last year I attempted my 210 in 2010 which I believe I probably completed but I ended up getting too lazy to update my list. So this year I am just going to review each book I read instead.

All my recent reads are listed under “The Montage” in my sidebar. There is also a link to my Goodreads profile if anyone wants to add me ๐Ÿ™‚

Basically, Goodreads is making everything somewhat easier for me this year. I have also joined their book challenge with a more modest 70 book goal, although it can always be updated. You should join it! It list all books that you have read for the challenge. More info is below:

2011 Reading Challenge

Kalliste has

read 2 books toward her goal of 70 books.


One thing I find though, is it is a bit buggy. You’ll set a book as read but it won’t show up on your Challenge list until you go into the book again and re-set the read date. Not a huge deal, considering how I was doing it before ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you’re liking the reviews and how they’re formatting. Oh and how the Montage looks for you!


At my work we don’t get a lot of discounts or cost price offers – I was, I’ll admit, hoping for really cheap domain names but it wasn’t to be – however, something we DO get is a few free hosting accounts to play with.

I have a reseller Plesk plan – something which I’d never heard of, let alone used before working there. For any hosts in ‘this’ community. Is there a reason that everyone uses cPanel instead of Plesk? – and I host someone on it! It was one of the first accounts I’ve set up and it was a bit scary.

So, that being said, you should all go visit Brooke and commend her for using Plesk ๐Ÿ˜€ It was actually an awesome endeavour for Brooke and I. Brooke was stuck on Byethost who was having all sorts of issues so in a split second decision I said “You’re coming with me!” and before she could say no I provided her with her control panel and FTP details ๐Ÿ™‚ and then, this is where the magic happens, without actually being able to see anything on the site I was able to upload WordPress but (oh no!) I couldn’t install it. Never fear though! Brooke was able to update her Hosts file (which, if you’ve never heard of before and would love to be able to work on your site on a new server and make sure it works before updating your nameservers, you should google) but I wasn’t able too… Windows 7 doesn’t like letting people change it and I talked her through the install and then abracadabra! It all worked ๐Ÿ™‚

Is that the success of the title? Well, it is only one of them! Well, the other freebie we get is a VPS!! Yesterday, mine was provisioned and it is finally working (I had a heap of problems on the first platform they gave me, so they bumped me up to a vmware VPS instead) and… AND! Lazily is now coming to you from it.

I used the WHM migration tool and it worked first time and properly! YAY, success! (there you go)

Not only that, but I made some cool nameservers for myself:

Coolest ever right?

A little facelift

Yes! I was thinking of making a new layout but everything I looked at for inspiration, while beautiful (like these I love her style!), just wasn’t me. In the end I decided to change the colour (though, later when I thought about it. I always get comments that my layout is very halloween so perhaps I should have kept it) to electric blue! (is it too bright?) and tweak the other stuff. Seems like a good compromise, I’d love to get this layout exactly as I want it and to learn more about WordPress and CSS in the meantime. I’m especially interested in working on how my comments look, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Recently, I’ve had more time for my site and the internet (is that a good thing?) so I’ve been able to have some fun on the forums I peruse. After the hacking and lack of updates though my blog has taken a huge hit. I’m excited when I get more than 10 hits a day right now ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope it isn’t related to the fact that I was off work sick 3 of the last 5 days. I hear that my boss was investigating how much sick leave I have (more than 2 weeks) and imagine she is quite concerned that I won’t be at work again. Although I’d love to do that I’m somewhat to lazy to have to keep getting medical certificates and I want to see the pleasant colleagues at least once more. I wonder if I’ll see them after I leave?

Do you keep friends when you change jobs? I have to say that I rarely do. I don’t treat them as friends either but I have with this bunch in some ways so maybe I will have some ‘real’ friends to say goodbye too this time around.

What a day/week/month


I wasn’t sure if this week, or weeks, would end! It has been an incredible rollercoaster that I’ve been on in the past 2 weeks. The ups were full of stomach butterflies and the downs were full of… stomach butterflies but bigger mean ones.

I have survived it though and here I am on a Sunday afternoon sipping some citrus delicious green tea and realising that my very favourite mug is chipped… oh well.

So, I have this incredible urge to format this post in ‘YAY versus ‘BOO’ mode and as such… I will.

I had a great 27th birthday filled with unexpected gifts! Including some delicious brownies, though don’t get me wrong they weren’t ‘special’ just yum – YAY!

My period was late and my birthday began with dread and thoughts of being with child *shudder* – BOO!

My period was one of my unexpected gifts! (TMI? Because, really biggest YAY there was – well, until this point anyway) – YAY!

I missed getting a phone/real interview with a very possible job prospect because my ‘interviewer’ was sick!! Seriously, she called me and I had to re-schedule and she didn’t tell anyone!! – BOO!

I interviewed for a job for a web hosting company!!! Awesome right? I didn’t know there was one in my city! – YAY!

I wore incredibly wonderful, but incredibly high and painful boots to that interview and butchered my poor feet! Blisters half the size of pinky toes *cries* – BOO!

I got the job! Hurrah, I start in 2 weeks… I’ve known for more than a week now, it was the hardest secret to keep from my colleagues. No more secrets now though – YAY!

A certain consultant at my work made me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork! They are one of the reasons I accepted the job… and the boss knows muahahahaha! Unfortunately, the very thought of him makes me still want to do the fork thing. BOO!

Said colleague relies on me, pretty much completely! And I leave in 2 weeks. Take that punk! (too mean?) – YAY!

My website got hacked. It has never happened to me EVER and for some reason I couldn’t find a copy of my index.php so I had to wing it. Why do people do that? I have a harmless blog damnit! Die hackers! (will this attract them to me?) – BOO!

The lovely Jana saved me. Yes, I am a hosting refugee – it’s too bad as my host has big opportunities but the sites just keep going down – but that is ok, thankfully even though there are hackers in the world there are also lovely people! – YAY!

I think I’ll leave it on a happy note but mention that my local DVD place still hasn’t got my reserved copy of ‘Kick Ass’ ready and the pay phone ate my money!

It’s ok though because I have a fixed site and some citrus delicious tea.